My Birthday Present - Bedroom Fantasies #59

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My Birthday Present - Bedroom Fantasies #59

The fantasy begins on my birthday. My wife is Vietnamese. She is 15 years younger than me and as a part-time teacher, she knows what turns me on most: I love to have her in our bedroom in a schoolgirl uniform.

She was already there. Black knee-high boots with killer high heels. Poking out just above them were white socks made of nylon. Then she had on a tartan skirt such a classic look with a tight white short-sleeved shirt, and matching tartan tie. The tie is so short, her tits prevent it from sitting down flat. Underneath, so plain to see, she wears a black satin bra and I just knew this meant that there were matching black satin panties down there. Her hair is shoulder-length, making her look even younger, and she wore black framed glasses, as if I had found her in the library or she was visiting me for extra credits.

As if that weren't enough, she had done as she knew I expected – she had put her hands behind her back and handcuffed herself, waiting in our bedroom for me. I entered while drinking a massive glass of fine champagne. I did the right thing. I let her sip the champagne, but I deliberately poured it so fast that it would go down her front and wet her shirt. Once I had let her drink, I asked what she should do next.

"I should get down on my knees, so you can begin celebrating your birthday."

"Very good, you are a good student and will do well," I replied. I stood in front of her and opened up my pants as she dropped to her knees.

"Teacher, before we start, I have prepared a gift for you. This is a special birthday, you are 40, and I have saved up my pocket money for you. I need you to reach for my phone and once you have unlocked it, send a text to the name 'birthday'. Just type the word 'waiting' and then you can put your cock in my mouth."

It was unusual, but I complied. All I could think about was the fantasy of my 'student' wife putting all her energy and skill into making me happy. She never thought of herself. She never wondered how long she would be down there. All she wanted was to do it right and make everything alright.

Then the strangest thing happened. There was a knock on our bedroom door. I was shocked. Who could this be? Was that text to somebody outside, somebody who was now in our home? I pulled my dick out of my wife's mouth but before I could do anything my pants fell to the floor and I panicked. I fell on my bum. Frantically I pulled my pants off so I could get up.

"Come in," my wife shouted, still on her knees, hands cuffed behind her back with pre-cum all over her face.

"Wait a second," I said, fearing an intruder, or worse still, a photographer. Then the door opened.

In walked a young, slender, white girl, definitely in her tender 20s. Her hair was tied tightly to the top with a long ponytail coming down her back. She wore a tight metal collar with rounded studs. She had boots made with brown velour and topped by white fur. She wore a leather belt with the same rounded metal studs and a big brass buckle. Even more amazingly, her hands were cuffed behind her with a long chain between them, and from there, a chain led down to her legs where they too were cuffed with a long chain that restricted her but still let her walk. And that was all she wore.

She had amazing breasts and her nipples stood up. I could only wonder if she had found our ice cube tray. Her pussy was neatly trimmed like an ancient slave would surely have been.

"This is your birthday present, my love," said my wife. "Her name is Sonia and she will be here a long time to do your bidding, as will I."

Then Sonia spoke. "Master. May I ask that you provide some lubricant to my vagina and anus so that I may better serve you?"

I was speechless. I was still halfway to the floor with my pants off and my shirt on. Then my wife said something else.

"You once told me that many of your past relationships with women were not good. That they were bossy and selfish, always wanting as much as they could get."

Sonia looked at me and said, "I guarantee that I will make up for any past regrets by being the best slave you have ever had. I will provide you a complete service while your wife watches, then I will energise and reward you while you fuck your wife."

I had never seen anything like it, nor heard words like these ever uttered. It is true, my wife was my wife because we gave to each other freely, her dreams were mine and my dreams were hers (although up until this day half of my dreaming was a good meal and pints at the pub).

Without even a question, Sonia walked over to my wife, stood next to her and got down on her knees. She was very adroit in her movements, not letting her chains cause her to fall. I tore off my shirt and stood in front of both of them as they got to work. They were amazing. Even without the use of their hands, they were like two miracles simultaneously changing my whole world. Then as I worked up to climax, I pulled my dick out just as it happened to be in Sonia's mouth. She looked up at me and looked like I had just stolen her lunch money. Then my wife said, "Sonia will be very upset if you do not cum in her mouth, she wants you to cum many times and if the first cum doesn't go to her, I will have to beat her buttocks with a long ruler. You wouldn't want that would you? Please deep throat her and let her come alive!"

"I could never deny such a beautiful woman," I replied.

So my cock went back into Sonia's mouth and down her throat. I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth, but in a moment my cock exploded and cum flooded down Sonia's throat. This first rush was to be superseded many more times.

But first, I needed to find some lube!

Submitted by Matt C from Australia

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