While My Girlfriend Sleeps - Bedroom Fantasies #60

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While My Girlfriend Sleeps - Bedroom Fantasies #60

My girlfriend sends me a message whilst at work, saying she can no longer wait up for me. She tells me she will be waiting for me in the bed. I get home. It’s late, and I’m dirty and hot. The weather outside is still humid and hot so the bedroom window is slightly ajar. As I walk into the bedroom, I see her laying on her stomach, a light sheet draped partially over her ass.

She is wearing a black lace G-string as she knows that’s my favourite. I quickly take off my work clothes. I gently lift off the sheet, revealing her perfectly smooth ass accentuated by the black lace. I slightly part her legs, trying hard not to wake her. She stirs slightly but doesn’t wake...

I start by kissing the backs of her smooth legs and work my way up to her inner thigh. She still hasn’t woken fully. I slide her black underwear to the side to reveal her freshly waxed pussy. I spread her legs a little more and gently begin kissing around her pussy.

She begins to stir now. I want her to wake up to my tongue pleasuring her, so I slide it inside her now wet pussy. By now she is beginning to wake and lets out a slight moan – that’s my cue to bury my tongue deeper inside her. I grab her hips and pull her towards me, forcing her pussy right into my face, at which point she lets out a loud moan…

Her pussy is so wet now and I know she is awake. Her breathing gets heavier. I can feel her pushing herself against my face. I know she isn’t far off cumming as her breathing is so heavy now she is moaning and my tongue is so deep inside her. She reaches back with her left hand, places it on the back of my head and forces my head deeper inside her crotch...

She lets out a loud scream and I feel her pussy tighten, her legs begin to shake and I know she is cumming... I don’t slow. I wanna make it last.
I keep licking her wet pussy until she collapses on the bed.

Submitted by Helmut from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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