Wild Sex in a Special Club - Bedroom Fantasies #58

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Wild Sex in a Special Club - Bedroom Fantasies #58

I want to surprise my amazing boyfriend because he's so good to me... so I tell him to get ready for a weekend away. I drive us to a hotel within walking distance of a club, a very special club.

As we walk in, the first thing we see is a woman laying on the bar top with her legs spread so wide, welcoming tongues and cocks. People are waiting in line to have a go at her. My boyfriend looks at me with eyes wide open, not knowing what to say. I look at him and tell him that her pussy looks so nice and that I'd love to see his tongue licking it. He's unsure, I can see he wants to but doesn't know if he should. I nod, take his hand and say that maybe he'll feel more comfortable if I had a go first...

He agrees and follows me to the end of the line. 

The woman lying on the bar sees us both and beckons us to the front of the line. "Lick me," she says, looking at me, so I do what she tells me to. My boyfriend's cock becomes so very hard. I look up at him from her pussy and tell him it's his turn...

He's still unsure so I tell him to kiss me but he has to come to me, while my mouth is up against her wet juicy cunt. He kisses me, I lick her pussy, then kiss him using my tongue so he can taste her juices. His tongue slowly moves from my mouth onto her pussy so we're both licking her out. Fuck, I'm wet and need a cock, so we move on to the main area. It's dark but we can see so many half-naked bodies fucking, licking, and enjoying each other. 

My boyfriend takes my clothes off and then his. He gets to his knees and licks my already wet pussy while grabbing at my arse. His tongue feels amazing. I climb up on to the bar and spread my legs just like the chick did upon entry. He continues to lick me and beckons over a man who is watching us. He tells the man to fuck me and to fuck me hard. While I'm being fucked by a complete stranger ordered by my man, he shoves his hard cock in my mouth. He face fucks me while I cum on the stranger's cock, and my boyfriend comes in my mouth. We get up, get dressed and leave. What a night...

Submitted by Chantelle from NSW, Australia

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