Mile High Masturbation - Bedroom Fantasies #101

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Mile High Masturbation - Bedroom Fantasies #101

We board the plane for the red-eye flight, but the plane is half-empty so you have a row to yourself. You can't help but notice the attractive stranger walking in front of you, my arse curvaceous and filling out the back of my dress as I slowly walk towards my seat one row behind you, all on my own.

The lights in the cabin dim and you open your laptop. You notice my reflection on the screen. You can clearly see my lips are parted and my eyes fixated on the screen, my breasts curved against the deep V-neck of my dress, rising and falling. You see me bite my lip and it's obvious that I am aroused, which has an instant effect as you feel your cock twitch and harden.

Curiosity gets the better of you and you stand and stretch for your bag overhead getting a look at my tablet screen as you do. You see words like 'wet throbbing pussy' and 'licking his cum'. My God, you think, she's reading porn on the plane as you chuckle at my audacity. You sit down and look into the reflection on your laptop screen again, my lips parted in a silent moan. I have moved my bra slightly down so my nipples are pressing against my top like little jewels, and you watch as I draw my hand across one breast, arching into my hand. 

You move your own hand down your pants and begin to rub your throbbing cock slowly, enjoying this private show and wondering how far I will go. You get your answer when I part my legs and flash my pink panties under my dress oh-so-casually. My hand moves up my thigh and one finger slides out of your sight but clearly at work because you watch as my whole body pauses for a split second, then moves against my hand.

You are mesmerized as I rock back and forward on my hand, the tips of my pink nails flashing in and out of view, working myself harder and faster. Your own cock begs for attention so you draw down your fly and work the tip of your head through the gap, using your precum as lube to slide back and forward, pausing on each pass at the small slit at the top to flick it with your nail.

Your eyes close briefly in pleasure and when you open them back to the screen reflection, you are shocked to see that I am sitting there looking directly at you. Immediately you pause, hoping that I haven't seen you but then you see the smile on my face as my legs open fully, my hot pink underwear already soaked through and glistening.

You watch as two fingers sink deep into my core and I pull them out, slowly raising them to my lips. Your cock is now screaming for attention and you pump harder on it, watching my sweet tongue slip out to lick my cream off the tips of my fingers. You feel your balls pull up and tingle as a pre-warning of your cum.

My hand returns to my clit and works it into a frenzy, I arch my back and my lips part in silence as I thrust three fingers deep into my pussy while the other hand pinches a nipple hard and my body clenches around my hand, every part of me focused on enjoying the sensations of my climax.

You fist your hand over your cock and then feel your hot cum jetting into your hand and over your fingers. Your head leans back against the chair while you remember how to breathe and then reality crashes back: you have just jetted all over yourself on a plane while a beautiful woman sits behind you and watches.

You panic when from between the seats comes a tissue and a soft voice. "Hi, I thought you might need this?"

You take it gratefully and clean up. Looking over your shoulder, you see me a wink and cross my legs, blowing you a kiss before closing my eyes.

Submitted by Campbell from Chirnside Park, Victoria, Australia

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