Camp Shower Sexy Surprise - Bedroom Fantasies #100

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Camp Shower Sexy Surprise - Bedroom Fantasies #100

We like to go camping a lot and we enjoy the fresh air. No screen time, lazy days by the river sipping on a drink, some good chats and easy laughs, and daydreaming.

On our last camping trip, we decided to have an afternoon delight so we zipped up the front of the tent and went into the bedroom — it was so hot, so we left the windows open. They were mesh and we could see out but we assumed it was more difficult to see in.

Just as things were getting hot, a fellow camper came out to enjoy some air and must have detected that we were up to something. I noticed he kept gazing over to our tent, so I used the doggy-style technique to gently nudge my wife closer to the window until her tits were right next to the mesh. Our fellow camper must have been able to see them bouncing with our rhythm.

Later that night, we decided to have a shower because it had been hot throughout the day, more to cool off than anything. Because it was late (around 11pm), my wife said we should just go together in the male shower block. We were in separate showers and enjoyed the cool water until we heard two men enter the block.

Initially, I panicked and my first thought was to make sure my wife was safe, but I couldn't come out of my shower and go into hers, because it would have looked strange. That was when, much to my surprise, I heard her shower door open. Then she went back under the water and started singing softly. The two men got closer to our end of the shower block.

As they approached her door, I heard one of them ask if she knew she was in the men's shower block. "Yes," she replied and continued to wash herself. I could see the first guy's feet enter her shower. My cock started to get hard, and I had no more concerns for my wife's safety; I remembered she had spoken about a similar fantasy a long time ago, and it was about to come true for her.

I heard kissing, and I could only imagine his hands grabbing her large, soft tits and squeezing them. I started stroking my cock, which was super hard by now. The second guy entered her shower and I saw his shorts hit the ground. Then, my wife kneeled on the floor. She was sucking this guy's cock, and he told her she was great. Her lips would break suction from time to time and she was groaning with enjoyment.

I was so hard, I had to try and peek over the top of the shower wall. As I got up on the step, I could hear my wife gasp quickly. The first guy had taken her from behind, just like I had done earlier that day, and he was driving his cock into her pussy with force. She started moaning while she still took the other guy in her mouth. I could tell she was about to cum but was trying to keep quiet.

The second guy started cumming in her mouth. She had never let me do that, but I knew she wanted to taste his (a stranger's) for some reason. He had finished and went into a separate shower while the first guy continued to pummel my wife from behind. Sure enough, she came hard on his cock and not long after, he came inside her.

When I saw him grab her hips and push in that made me cum as well, all over the shower wall I was watching over. After a minute was spent catching our breath, everyone returned to showering, almost like nothing had happened, but we all knew and would remember that night.

Talking with my wife later, she said she didn't know what came over her, but that all the way through it felt right, exciting, but safe, and so fulfilling. Now, we talk about what the next fantasy is going to be, and something tells me it will turn into reality very soon!

Submitted by Adam from Southbank, Victoria, Australia

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  • Posted on by Paul

    Your wife sounds amazing…. Hope to see you camping!!

  • Posted on by John

    That sounds amazing, I love camping

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