Greek God-King - Bedroom Fantasies #102

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Greek God-King - Bedroom Fantasies #102

While the epic period action film '300' received mixed reviews, particularly from critics of Greek and Persian origin, it inspired a very exciting fantasy for this Mediterranean maiden. Xerxes, the ruthless Persian ruler is a self-proclaimed 'God-King' and the film's antagonist. Wearing dramatic eyeliner and covered in gold piercings, chains, and jewellery, in my story he is my decadent and calculated Dominant.

Time has passed and I’m alone in a warm room that smells of coconut and spices. It’s so fragrant I can almost taste it, though this could also be the leftover taste of oils on my mouth from earlier. I can smell leather in the air too, although I'm unsure where it's coming from. I can hear the faint sounds of footsteps and movement from outside. I know none of them are his though, or hers.

I'm laying on a hard mattress covered in satin sheets. I think...I have been blindfolded tightly in a dark, silk mask for what feels like hours, so it's all a guess. I can’t stop thinking about the woman that prepped me. She was the last person I saw before she blindfolded me. I know she was acting on his orders but I am still wet thinking of her soft touch when she undressed me, bathed me in hot water and oils, and then slowly oiled my entire body from head to toe before dressing me in nothing but a silk gown. She cuffed my arms and legs and bound them to each corner of where I am laying.

Finally, I could hear the chiming and clanking of chains and the sound of heavy footsteps growing louder and closer to me from outside. I could hear my heart starting to race in anticipation. I could hear the door open slowly and his footsteps coming closer until I could feel his presence alongside me. I knew he was listening to my breathing and sensing my eagerness for his attention. "Yes," he said, now leaning close to my ears, "it's me."

I barely had time to smile before he kissed me hard, crushing his lips against mine. I was already panting when he stopped and I could feel his rough, warm fingers caressing my body under my silk gown, his many bracelets and chains swaying and chiming.

Satisfied with how well my skin took to the oils, he expressed how pleased he was with the other woman's work and with my patience. I could feel his warm breath near my yoni as he slowly traced my hips and thighs before tasting me. He kissed me one last time before gently wrapping a leather gag around my mouth. The rest of what I remember is a blissful blur. He slowly untied my arms and legs and removed my gown, only to connect my arm cuffs to a bar above my head, suspended from the ceiling. With every movement, I could feel cold metal from his body chains brushing against my warm, now tingling skin. I eventually noticed the feeling of heavier chains over my body and realised these were my own!

He adorned me in metal and leather rope. I felt small, delicate chains clipped to my nipples and connected to others around me, tightly bound leather rope and chains around my waist, my back and my legs all tied in what I could feel were intricate patterns. Every time he touched my skin, with his hands, with a new restraint, or with a new accessory, I could feel he was doing so with the utmost care and deliberation. Overwhelmed with pleasure, I succumbed to the sensations. He adjusted my legs and feet so they were bent at the knees, my feet towards my back before suspending me higher. I felt like a work of art, crafted by a God-King.

Submitted by Maria from Brunswick East, Victoria, Australia

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