Food Sensation - Bedroom Fantasies #68

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Food Sensation Bedroom Fantasies

It had been a busy shift. I stopped and yawned as I collected the plates and cups off the tables. The head chef Anton was packing up too.

I worked at a popular dessert café in the city. The far wall of the room was a luscious forest of cake stands and fake floral arrangements, designed to display delicate petit fours and other sweet morsels, with a large chocolate fountain in the centre as its crowning glory. The room was dark and cosy, with flickering fake candles to set the ambience.

Anton was on the phone now, his brow furrowed. After a muted conversation, he put his phone in his pocket and approached me. "Sorry hon, there’s a slight emergency at home. You and Ash can lock up, right?"

I glanced up. "Well, I guess we…"

"Thanks hon." The door clicked loudly as he pulled it shut behind him. I sighed, then returned to clearing the tables.

Ash was the sous chef. He had only started a few weeks ago and aside from the odd few words that were necessary for our work, I don’t think he had ever actually talked to me. A few times I had looked his way and been surprised to find him staring intently, almost glaring at me. I had shrugged it off as him being elsewhere in thought – at all other times, he was cool and distant.

Suddenly, Ash pushed open the doors that led to the kitchen and looked around the room, confused.

"Where’s Anton?" he asked.

"Um, he had to go. Some sort of family emergency. I don’t think Anna’s been coping too well with the baby lately."

"Oh," he murmured quietly before he slunk back into the kitchen.

"Okay then," I muttered as I started removing the tablecloths and throwing them in a pile on the floor.

Before long, he came back out again to help me. We cleared up most of the room efficiently and silently.

It was down to the last table and we both reached out for a plate at the same time. As my hand met his, I felt a sudden heat, white and intense. Looking up, I could tell that he felt it too. He drew back his hand quickly and cradled it instinctively in the other, never taking his eyes off mine. Locked in this intense gaze, it could have been seconds or minutes. I studied his face his dark chocolate brown eyes, his full lips and chiselled jawline. My heartbeat grew fast.

Without warning, he closed the distance between us and took my face in his hands, peering at me, asking me.

I reached my head up and my lips met his in a gentle kiss that soon transformed into a passionate frenzy of lips and tongues. His body was hard and warm. Emboldened by our fervor, I undid the buttons on his chef’s jacket and reached inside to find his smooth bare chest beneath. He sighed as he felt my hands on his skin and slowly unbuttoned my shirt. Before long it was off and he was kissing my shoulders, my neck...

Abruptly, he stopped. "Wait here," he said, his eyes gleaming wildly in the candlelight. I waited by the table, my breathing a little jagged from the kissing, watching him disappear into the kitchen. When he re-emerged, his top was off and I could see the sculpted muscles of his arms and stomach. He was carrying something casually in his right hand. Something white. He was smirking slightly. 

A piping bag…with cream. 


He came up close and placed the bag on the table just beside me. He started kissing me again, slow and sensual, reaching his hand behind my back and deftly unclasping my bra in one motion. I heard his appreciative gasp as he took in my bare chest.

"Lie back," he ordered.

I sat on the table behind me and lowered down slowly. He surveyed me with hungry eyes before setting to work with the piping bag, creating masterful strokes and flourishes all over my bare skin. The cream was cold and stimulating. After a while he stepped back, looking pleased with his efforts. I squirmed slightly, not used to being examined so closely.

"Now for the fun part," he uttered as he bent over to kiss me. First on the lips, then moving down to my neck, my collarbone, down further, licking the cream off and sucking my skin gently as he went. He paused briefly and looked up with a blazing intensity before finding my breasts. I panted heavily as his tongue swirled around my nipple, the sweet smell and slick feel of the cream invading all my senses. After a while, his exploration continued south, lapping up the decorations encircling my navel. He continued down, beginning to lower my skirt, before he stood up straight again, wiping cream from his mouth.

"Another idea," he grinned. I propped myself up on my elbows, wondering what he meant.

He sauntered over to the dessert wall, picked up a bowl, and started filling it from the chocolate fountain.


Oh my!

He returned and started back on my skirt but I put out my hand. 

"Wait," I whispered. 

Slowly I reached out to undo his pants and pulled them down, along with his boxer briefs. His erection sprung out and his breathing sped up.

I took the bowl from him and dipped my finger in the warm chocolate. I put it to my lips briefly, then pushed it into his mouth, making him suck it off. Next, I took a spoonful of the chocolate and started drizzling it onto his abdomen, trailing further downwards until it found his penis. He closed his eyes and groaned, enjoying the warmth. I started licking his stomach slowly. His skin was salty, tasting delicious with the sweet chocolate. I followed the trail and heard his sharp intake of breath as my lips closed around his erection. I slowly swirled my tongue around the tip. I hadn’t ever done this before he felt firm but soft at the same time. I brought him further into my mouth, sucking hard as I sensed his excitement. He shuddered as I went to work sucking him deep to the back of my throat and then shallow again, stopping often to flick my tongue over the head of his erection.

I could feel him getting bigger, starting to pulse slightly, and I quickened my pace in response.

He gently pulled me back.

"Not yet. I haven’t finished with you yet," he said.

He took me by the hips and lifted me onto the table, lying me back and pulling off my skirt and panties in the same movement. He looked so aroused, it made me feel more sexy than I had ever felt before. He took the bowl with a smile and spooned the chocolate right onto my sex. It was warm and wet. He lowered his head and before I knew it, he was lapping and nipping my clitoris, exploring with his tongue and lips.

"You taste so good," he whispered.

I squirmed and gasped, unable to contain the pleasure. He continued the assault with his tongue and slowly inserted a finger into me, swirling deliberately, moving in and out. I could feel the intensity building, unable to control my ragged breaths. He stopped momentarily, then inserted a second finger. It was almost too much. I could feel myself getting close.

He raised his head and met my gaze. Suddenly he rose up on top of me, his muscled physique hovering above.

"Are you ready?" he asked, looking at me earnestly.

I looked back at him and nodded.

I felt the pleasurable stretch as he slowly entered me. I breathed in the chocolate smells and reveled in the sticky, sliding sensation as he started moving, thrusting his hips into mine. I could hear his breath hot in my ear. I reached my leg up and wrapped it around his body and he moaned deeply as he continued thrusting faster. I could feel him deep inside, satisfying my needs further with every push.

We built up momentum and I could feel myself teetering on the edge of oblivion, lost in the sensation and pleasure. My muscles tightened and I cried out as I surrendered to the waves of orgasm that seemed to continue on forever. Somewhere, in the distance, I heard Ash’s garbled cry as he reached his climax as well. He rolled over, lying beside me as we both caught our breath.

After a long moment, we sat up, a little embarrassed, and quickly dressed. I was thankful that we had done most of the cleaning up before.

"Well…" I said awkwardly as we were leaving.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” Ash said.

He tucked a piece of stray hair behind my ear and peered gently into my eyes.

I nodded with a smile.

Submitted by Annabelle X from Prahran, Victoria, Australia

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