Getting Locked Down During Lockdown - Bedroom Fantasies #69

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Getting Locked Down During Lockdown Bedroom Fantasies

The days had become monotonous. One slipping into another, on and on until time in general became a blur. Lockdown was a constant reminder of my loneliness. It had all but become its own entity and turned into my current companion.

My partner was always gone it seemed, leaving me in our house alone. I craved his affection, his touch, and the feel of his body against mine. Our daily routine was always the same though. He was up before breakfast and back just before dinner. He was tired and overworked and barely had the energy to look at me.

I had hoped with the lockdown we would be together more. Spending our days naked and hopelessly glued to each other’s bodies like we used to be. However, work had seemed to double for him in its wake and here I was, sexually frustrated enough to sneak a peek at porn sites. I prayed that whatever Catholic ancestors I have were looking anywhere but down at me while I hit octaves my old church choir would be jealous of. 

I felt liberated in a way, seeing these women take control of their bodies. Unashamedly naked and free. Taking their pleasure any way they saw fit and artfully moulding to their lovers’ bodies like clay in a potter’s hands.

I was especially interested in the dominatrix. The fierce and sexy women in leather. Men crawling behind them with collars around their necks like little puppies. Waiting for the rewards that were promised if they behaved just right for their Mistress.

Spanked, chained, bound, gagged, used as furniture…the possibilities and limits these women pushed were so exciting to me. I had always lived more conservatively and shyly. Shy for my body to be seen, shy to speak up in sex, and would often just go along with what my partner suggested.

We had tried experimenting with some new foreplay, like dripping chocolate on each other and licking it off. I guess it was enjoyable but, in the end, I felt sticky and completely unsexy when I looked in the mirror afterwards. Looking like Mr. T with his signature goatee and beard.

But seeing the way those men looked at their Mistresses with lust-filled and needy eyes. How they scrambled to please her, begging for her attention. It was a thrill I hadn’t felt before. I wanted my partner to look at me like that way, lick my heels clean, and beg me to praise and touch him for being the good little fuck toy he was.

I spent hours browsing online sex shops, looking for the right instruments of pleasurable torture to serve me in my mission. Crop? Check. Handcuffs; blind fold; cock ring? Check, check, and check! Did I know what the hell a cock cage was? Nope, but in the basket it goes. Now I just had to wait for delivery.

Finding a nice hiding place for my new toys until I was ready for showtime would be easy. However, it was assembling a makeshift sex dungeon that would be the more difficult aspect to arrange. Not to mention sucking into the latex second skin I would be wearing. I wondered briefly how I would be able to stand in a catsuit, coaxing my naked man to follow me on all fours while my nana was staring at me from her picture frame. Scratch that. All family photos were promptly taken down from the walls.

A few days later and the time came that I paced back and forth, latex riding up my ass and crop in hand. My chest was heaving, and I was having second thoughts. I grimaced, rapidly rethinking my plan and wanting to quickly clear everything away. Before I could, though, there came the sound of a car door closing and I’m pretty sure I felt my ass come out my throat, do a dance and fall back into place. 

Well, fuck!

It was showtime, I guess, whether my nerves were ready or not. 

I gripped my riding crop harder, wiped my sweat unibrow away, and took a deep breath as the key turned in the lock.

He dropped his keys, phone, and lower jaw in one swift move. His eyes trailed up and down my body, then zeroed in on the crop.

"What’s all this?" he asked sheepishly.

My heels clicked on the floor as I mustered all my concentration into my best sex tigress walk, hips swaying to match my heart pounding.

I took a shaky breath in before I pointed the crop at him.

"Today, we are doing something new. You will only speak when I allow you to. You will answer with, 'Yes Mistress' and 'No Mistress' when I ask you a question. Tonight, I’m in charge and you’ll be rewarded for being a good boy and you’ll be punished if you’re a bad boy. Do you understand?"

I spoke with more confidence than I felt, but as my voice got sturdier with each word I felt my body match the adrenaline as my nipples hardened and my pussy clenched from the thrilling arousal my dominance brought me.

Immediately I could see that something was going right. His member was already visibly straining against his slacks and it brought a smirk to my lips. I tightened my grip on my crop and smacked it down on the table with a loud WHAP, startling him and causing him to swallow before saying, "Yes Mistress."

My clit throbbed hearing those words fall from his lips.

"Good. Now you need to think of a safe word. Something you wouldn’t say randomly or accidentally. If at any time you don’t like what we are doing or you feel uncomfortable, say your safe word and I’ll stop. That okay?" 

I spoke softly so he understood that even though I was in charge as his mistress, he was the one that held the power to choose what he wanted to do or not do. This was to be pleasurable for both of us and something we would explore together.

"Yes Mistress, Hmmm… How about 'sushi'?" he said, his lips etched in amusement.

I rolled my eyes and stifled a chuckle.

"'Sushi' it is then." I backed away and pointed the crop at him once more.

"Now! I want you to take your clothes off as I watch. Once you’re naked, I want you to crawl towards me so I can put your collar on," I goaded. "Wouldn’t want anybody to not know who you belong to." I smirked as I sat back on the edge of the sofa to watch him strip. What a good, good boy. 

Once down to his boxers, he began heading for the ground. I lifted one booted leg to gently caress his balls in the crook of my ankle. "Uh-uh-uh," I sang. "All of it, servant."

Even as he made a show of sighing exasperatedly, I saw a responsive throb beneath the fabric before it was quickly dropped to the floor and the wearer went quickly to his hands and knees. 

He crawled towards me and sat on his knees where I pointed. Licking his lips, he stole a view of my breasts straining beneath the fabric before looking me in the eyes, waiting silently. I grabbed his pink collar and held it up, grinning at the scowl he gave me, looking from me to the collar and back again.

"I’m not wearing that. It’s so pink. What the hell, is there a bell on it too? Really?"’ he asked with condescension.

I tutted in a matching tone. "And here I was thinking you were going to be a good boy for me tonight. I never gave you permission to speak and I certainly didn’t give you permission to question me!"

I spoke loudly as I fastened the collar around his neck and stood up, so fast it caused him to lose his balance and fall on his ass.

Apparently, his cock didn’t get the message that he was supposed to be disliking the collar because it was currently at full mast, ready to be saluted. I ran the crop down his cheek, his neck, and then his chest. Lower and lower on his abdomen before I reached his cock and ran the leather over its skin. 

I could practically see him cream himself and I understood how those women felt. God, I felt confident and sexy as hell watching him quiver under me with desire, imagining what was to come. And unfortunately, unbeknownst to him, it wouldn’t be him any time soon.

"Bend over the table," I whispered, leaning in to barely touch my lips to his ear before righting myself again.

The colour drained from his face. 

"Why? What did I do?" he asked with wide eyes, staring at the crop in my hands like a vampire who’d just been asked to stick ten cloves of garlic up his ass.

"EXCUSE ME! Did I give you permission to question me? You were a bad boy and what happens to bad boys? Hmm?" I crossed my arms, hopefully seeming defiant. My suit squeaked as I did so, but I tried to keep my professional façade on. 

He gulped, Adam’s apple bobbing shakily, then he licked his lips before bending over the table.

"Now, since this is your first time disobeying me, I will be a kind and forgiving Mistress and only give you five spankings. Does that sound fair for being a disobedient mutt?"

I bit my lip at his nod before clearing my throat expectantly. I tapped my heel as I waited for him to realize his mistake. A look of confused anxiety crossed his face and I could practically see the hamster wheel spinning as he tried to rack his brain.

"Uh...okay you can spank me," he said with a puzzled look on his face.

I took a deep breath and pinched the bridge of my nose. Being a dominant yet merciful, pleasure-giving sex goddess was a lot harder than I thought. Certainly it would require more patience than I thought. Or maybe my partner’s ancestry never fully evolved, and he was still using his monkey brain.

"I don’t need your permission, mutt. I asked a question that you didn’t answer. I think I’ll add another one." I smiled as I walked behind him and tested the crop with a sharp snap on my hand, causing him to jump like I had already smacked him. 

I lifted my arm and brought it down accurately on the left cheek, marking it a lovely cherry colour within a second. He yipped as it made contact, fingernails digging into the table hard enough that his knuckles turned white, but made no other sound. I brushed my fingers against the nape of his neck and caressed his stinging ass with the other hand. He sighed, seeming to relax at my soft touch. "Five more to go," I spoke softly against his ear before nipping it. 

I stood up and readjusted my suit before continuing. It was so far up my ass I could taste the latex. Jesus Christ, I don’t think you’re supposed to wear these if you’ve had a few kids. I tried to subtly perform a semi-squat wedgie pick as quietly as possible, but each movement brought a squeak and soon I felt eyes on me. I looked over and noticed my husband was biting his lip to keep from laughing at the scene before him.

I gave up trying to pull the material free from my crevices and furrowed my brow.

"Maybe I was too lenient? Ten smacks sounds much more appropriate for such a bad boy," I spoke with authority, feeling just a bit less confident but still trying to save face.

I swore to God that this thing would be going straight to the local op shop. It might make some big burly guy named Tank one happy and squeaky latex sex machine. I stifled a giggle at the thought – if I thought my rolls were hard enough to put in that suit, I hoped Tank sure as hell waxed!

I finally pulled myself from my thoughts and turned my attention back to my partner, bent over and waiting. I lifted and swung again, one whack after another until his ass was red and quivering. I saw and heard his teeth clench, though he could have been suppressing either yelps or moans, since he never moved his butt out of the line of fire. I put down the crop and rubbed my hands over his welts, soothing the sting until all he felt was pleasure from my touch.

I spun him around and squatted down, bringing his rock solid cock up in one hand as I gazed sultrily up into his eyes. I gave a quick wink before I took him into my mouth, now fondling his balls in one hand. After just one slurping gulp, though, I pulled it slowly out with a kiss on the tip before standing up.

"That’s to show you what good boys get when they please their Mistress." I licked my lips as I spoke, his cock’s head eyeing me in disapproval, while his face pleaded for more.

"Next we’re going to play a game," I said teasingly as I straightened up and headed into our bedroom, emerging with a blindfold and cuffs. 

"I am going to cover your eyes and bind your hands, then I’m going to feed you something and you have to tell me what it is. If you win, I’ll reward you again." I smirked before continuing. "But if I win, I get the reward." His eyes went wide and his cock twitched at the mention of a reward.

After getting him cuffed and blindfolded in the living room, I headed to the bedroom to change, leaving him on his knees. This god-awful suit was coming off. I decided that I could still be a kickass Mistress in only a T-shirt. I peeked back into the living room to see him sitting patiently, unaware of my sudden costume change, his cock still twitching expectantly.

I gathered everything I would need for our next game and sat on the couch. I slipped my finger around his collar and pulling him closer to me, guiding him to take position sitting between my legs.   

"I want you to taste this and tell me what you think it is. You’ll get a point for each one you get right. If you get at least three, I’ll give you the nice reward," I spoke as I held his jaw in one hand and brought the first to his mouth. He parted his lips and bit down. He thought for a moment, looking puzzled before answering, "I think it’s strawberry, Mistress."

I brought each bite to his mouth and he tasted them all, giving me his answers while I mentally kept score. He was surprisingly good, getting a few right. Each correct answer brought with it a hopeful bounce from between his legs, knowing what had been promised would come if he kept it up. I decided to add one more to the taste test, seeing how eager he was for more.

"You’ve done so well, my little mutt," I cooed in a singsong voice. "One more item for you to taste before you get rewarded."

I took a handful of his hair and tilted his head far back as I stood with one leg either side of him. Standing directly over him I barely had to bend my knees to lower my pussy lips directly onto his waiting tongue. As soon as he got that first taste, he immediately tried to get his lips and tongue to every part of the treat in front of him. He strained and pulled against my grip as he coaxed my clit out and rubbed against it.

I leaned my own head back as my spine arched in response to his wet, probing appendage as it teased. How the hell was someone this good? I was supposed to be in charge! I spread my legs a little more as I held his face in tight contact with my soaking folds. He let out a groan before running his tongue diagonally across my slit and proceeding to push through them and dive much deeper.

I let out a moan and grabbed his head in both hands, pushing him further into my purring pussy. He struggled against the cuffs, wanting to free his hands and fingers. I moved forward to rest his head against the sofa so I could grind my hips against his face. I lifted one leg over his shoulder, putting my knee beside his head to give him better access while I panted in absolute ecstasy.

I ran my fingers over his blindfold before pulling it off, letting him see every little detail of what he couldn’t touch with his hands. As I eased up and leaned back a little he licked his lips and leaned forward to kiss, lick, and bite my inner thighs, watching my reactions fixedly and getting himself off on my arousal.

He took one of my folds between his teeth, then let go, causing a new wave of juice to flood out. I reached down to pull my shirt up and show nipples hard enough to cut diamonds and proceeded to caress and rub them. I bit my lower lip as I watched greater quantities of precum oozing from his tip. He was close, the tip purple and veins throbbing from need. I turned almost giddy with excitement as I plucked the key to the cuffs off the table and leaned down to release his left shackle.

Before I could even think of unlocking the other hand, there was a flash of movement and he had snaked his arms around me and had me up in a fireman’s carry heading to the bedroom where, before I could wriggle free, he dropped me furiously onto my back on the bed.

"It’s my turn now!" he half-whispered.

I managed for a brief second to consider whether any of our neighbours might be home and listening in, but my husband had already taken a firm grasp of both of my legs and authoritatively commanded my ankles as high into the air as they could go.

He went back to devouring my cunt, slurping and licking every drop, and plunging his tongue deep inside me. The friction from his coarse beard against my clit was amazing, my eyes were rolling back in my head at each contact his tongue made.

I felt him let go of one thigh and I responded by letting it wrap around his shoulders. Before I knew it, he had slipped first one, then a second finger inside, and I felt my walls clench welcomingly against them before they were pulled quickly out and, excruciatingly slowly, penetrated me again. He picked up the pace gradually, his other strong arm pressing down my abdomen so I couldn’t sit up for a better view as the two digits inside me were joined by a third.

I was becoming lost and a complete mess in my pre-orgasm haze. The moans that I had tried to keep subdued were turning into a warbled but ear-splitting cacophony. All my other senses were shutting off and converting to touch as my nerves were continually shattered by the three fingers invading my cunt at top speed. How they expertly hooked around at the deepest point to abuse my button. How that tongue was continuing to tease then attack my clit like some Lovecraftian, pussy-eating beast.

Amidst the disorientation of my pre-climactic fugue state, I managed to assemble the brain power to scream that I was at the edge. I hadn’t meant to yell quite so loud, but I’d had zero control over my voice at that moment. Oh well, I resolved to buy everybody on the block an apology coffee next time I got out of the house. But just at that moment, with my entire vagina this close to explosion, both mouth and hand retreated and I vaguely felt a form shifting between my legs.

I was still letting out my absent-minded groans of frustration when I once again felt the full grip of one of my husband’s mitts just above each knee as he parted my thighs as widely as possible. I felt something decidedly thicker than a finger and solid as a brick playfully poking my raw, sensitive clit instead.

"That domination stuff was really hot, baby, but are you ready to see who’s in charge now?" he asked me whilst rubbing his cock directly against my clit, barely concealing the evil joy his voice was carrying as he basked in the joy of how he had turned the tables on me and was making my body go haywire.

"Shut up and do iiit!" I begged, my hole aching more from the sudden lack of filling than it had been with three fingers fucking it. Still in my lusty haze, all I wanted or needed in the world was to cum. In an act of obedience that may just as well have been purely selfish, the keeper of the dick (and therefore my orgasm) smirked his ascent cheekily and heaved on my upper legs. With this, my back slid across the bed so that my hips and ass were propelled toward him at the same moment he thrust sharply forward.

I was instantly filled with the entire length of the meat, my lips meeting its base and slapping against his balls. It was at once longer than any of the fingers had been and further stretching all sides of a pussy that was now simultaneously screaming in pleasure and protesting the new intrusion.

No part of me was shown mercy; he had unrelenting grip on my thighs and was alternating between holding my legs helplessly in the air and contorting them into impossible angles for the sake of access to my pussy. His entire shaft was continuously and fully pounded into me without a second of relenting, hitting my G-spot dead-on with each thrust and punctuated by balls slapping the edges of my moist lips.

Even when I had reached my shrieking, shuddering moment of wild orgasm, it seemed only to cause him to speed up into several moments of almost torturous pleasure before he too cried out my name and arched his back as he reached an exploding point!

He dropped my legs at last, letting one rest on his shoulder for a minute before smothering the limb in kisses, which he then gave out to my whole body and face and finally my lips. 

We laid in bed entwined in each other’s naked bodies, simply enjoying the moment. After years of marriage, raising kids, working day after day and dealing with everything else life had thrown us, we grew apart. The kids had moved out and with them, so did our life it seemed. We fell into a mundane routine that neither of us were really happy in, but laying here felt different. The sex wasn’t about getting to the release, rolling over, and calling it a night. It was like we were kids again, exploring each other’s bodies, feeling each other’s touch, and responding in pleasurable moans.

I felt shy as he looked me over. My body had certainly changed over the course of thirty years. I had stretch marks on my breasts and stomach, my hair was greyer, highlighting the wrinkles on my face and though I feel no shame from bearing my children, I wish the chubbiness it left behind wasn’t so much. However, he just looked me over lovingly, rubbing his hands up and down my body, not acknowledging my imperfections, like they weren’t even there to him. I sighed, burying my head into his shoulder. Maybe the lockdown wasn’t such a horrible thing that had happened to us.

Submitted by Mistress Kitty from Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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