Hot Tub/Beauty Spot Sex Game - Bedroom Fantasies #67

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Hot Tub/Beauty Spot Sex Game - Bedroom Fantasies #67

I gaze out, taking everything in: the luscious tall green trees, birds chirping, and the swoosh of the water. Around me, everything is calm. I float momentarily, trying to balance myself in the water whilst being in awe of everything, staying buoyant under the clear blue sky and rich greenery. My feet find the ground and I tuck the hair away from my face to see him sitting with his hands stretched comfortably along the rim of the tub, soaking up his view. I begin to walk towards him, seeing the anticipation on his face, his finger inviting me with a come-hither motion, and an intentional gaze.

I swim and meet his knees, feeling up towards the chest, shoulders, and arms, leaning to plant a chaste kiss on his bare chest. We smell of hot mineral water diffused with the natural scents from our bodies. I know he smells it too, nothing could get past my Taurus man.

"You smell beautiful, baby, is that vanilla?” he asks. He pulls me towards him in a straddling position and begins to kiss me incessantly. Someone is definitely in his element. I begin to rock on his body, making rippling waves against the rim of the bath. His hands begin to lace around every part of my body tenderly. He tells me, “I’m the luckiest man ever” as he holds my thighs and dunks us both, as if to ease off the heat between us. All the while our lips are still on each other’s, and our bodies are entangled as we resurface gasping for air.

He cheekily grins at me, tucking his hair back and momentarily steals another kiss. I splash water at him out of protest with terror in my voice, pressing his hands to my chest. "Feel my heart rate, I could have drowned!”

He is close to me now. "You know I wouldn’t let that happen to you, baby," and instantly my rage dissipates like melting ice cream on a summer day. I gently kiss him on the cheek and turn my body away from him, beginning to unwrap my swimwear slowly, thinking I am going to make him pay for that. His eyes are glued on my body, unflinching and anticipating what is about to come. All I want to do is to get out of this wet one-piece.

I crouch down near to his ear, whispering, “watch me” and nibbling at his ear. He watches me hungrily with curious eyes. By now my swimwear is loose, back showing completely and I am teasing him with the black halter straps around my neck, pushing my breasts together and then apart. I strip all the way down so I am bare in the front but with my back still facing him. It feels exciting to be doing this in the wilderness with my reflection in the mirrored sliding door.

I ask, “coming?” while I open the door, leaning between the outdoors and the room, playing with my pussy to entice him further. I wake my kitty cat by rubbing my clit around, sending chills all over my supple body to entice him naughtily.

He springs out from the bathtub, dripping wet, and runs, fixing his hair again, flexing his biceps. He appears in front of me in the blink of an eye, telling me, "Here let me help you with that." He lifts me up and carries me inside while kissing my chest hungrily and a small squeal escapes me. I rub my calf against his hard, hanging cock. He kisses all the way down to my pussy, which makes me groan for more, teasing my thigh with his hard cock. His eyes are full of lust now. It feels like a sin to need him so desperately. I push myself onto him to assume control. Hands massage my back and I moan lightly; it feels like a waterfall washing over me. His lips don’t leave mine, inhaling me deeply and kissing my breasts tenderly.

I whispering into his ear again. "Count the beauty spots on my body, baby…with your lips?"

He begins to kiss the one on my right cheek and looks up at me daringly. He moves towards my breast and generously plants sweet nips near both of my areolas where a cluster of beauty spots sit like freckles. He whispers into my ear, "Turn over and face the wall." He leaves me with love notes with every caress and kiss in search of every black beauty spot on my body. From head to toe, his love enraptures me, making me so wet. My body is aching for him. His hands make their way down to my inner thigh and I gasp as a response. His hot silky tongue tortures me. He teases me by placing his lips and tongue gently against the hood of my kitty cat and down further, the secret yet most innocuous of places a beauty spot can be – the skin that stretches between both holes. I feel his energy grow wilder and I know that area makes him super horny. I clench the walls of my vagina unforgivingly as he French kisses my spot. Involuntarily I begin to grind into his lips, giving me pulsating trembles all over my body.

He can’t get enough but he releases me and I am pleading for him not to stop. His lips crush into mine and I taste myself on his lips, my freaky man. I demand that he puts his cock inside of me and it feels so good when he enters, launching the anticipated assault on my body. I dig my nails into his back and make him moan, calling me 'a bad little girl' as he runs his fingers softly through my hair. I grunt "faster" and at each stroke, the penetration infiltrates my mind, filling it with ecstasy. I am breathless and inhale, biting on my lip. He lifts me again and I ride him until I cum uncontrollably in the euphoria of our sexy love.

Submitted by Lunda from Victoria, Australia

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