Erotic Playtime - Bedroom Fantasies #95

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Erotic Playtime - Bedroom Fantasies #95

Firstly, the activities would be preceded by you, completely unprompted, sending me a video of you sensually massaging your breasts and rubbing and pinching your nipples. Then the camera would slowly pan down, following your hand as it slowly tracks down from your breast, over your tummy, and disappears under the sheet. This is where the movie ends. A couple of minutes later, my phone vibrates with a new message from you. This message is another video. This time the sheet has been removed and I can see your fingers caressing yourself ever so sensually. 

Eventually, just massaging and caressing your lips is not enough for you and I can see you move your hand down even further. Upon bringing it back up, you slowly use your middle finger to ever so slightly part your lips. You continue to move your hand up, still sliding your finger between your smooth lips until it stops directly on your attention-deprived clit. 

Once there, I can see you alternating between small circles and gentle back and forth motions. You then, surprisingly to me, lower your hand back down and show me one or two fingers now entering your most precious area. I see your fingers move ever so slightly back and forth a couple of times, then the movie abruptly ends and I am left in the lounge room with a raging hard-on, thinking that I will have to follow your lead and take care of myself. I wait patiently to see if that is where the night's entertainment ends.

After a couple of minutes, I assume it has. Just as I am about to slip my hand into my pants to tend to my softening cock, my phone vibrates next to me again. I open your message to a wonderfully sexy erotic short video clip. I assume that your fingers just weren’t quite doing it for you since the video is a closeup of your purple rabbit vibrator sliding in and out, shallow and slow. It is obvious that you are teasing yourself by only entering with half the toy, but then you suddenly push the toy in as far as it will go and put the tickler to work on your clit, which is aching for attention.

Just as I think I am about to see your tummy tense and hips raise and spasm while you climax, the video stops. I am thinking that you are not going to show me your finale when a message pops up on my phone from you. It says 'please come join me in bed now and help me. I really need to feel your hard cock.'

I have stripped nude and enter the room with my cock hard as steel and sticking straight out. As I approach the bed, I can still hear the unmistakable hum of your toy. You pull back the sheets and show me that your legs are spread, with one hand moving your toy in small circles, working your clit. It is inside you as far as it will go. No words are spoken as I kneel at the top of the bed and you instinctively turn your head to the side. With your free hand, you take a hold of me and bring me towards your outstretched tongue. 

I cannot help but push my hips forward until I feel the warmth of your tongue make contact with me. You start to slowly swirl around my cock head and lick up. This continues for some until you finally cease teasing me and enclose the head of my penis within your warm lips and mouth. You just hold it there still and start the slow swirling actions again. While this feels so indescribably amazing, I just can stand it; I need more. I want to be deeper so I instinctively begin to thrust my hips vigorously. This is not 100% to your liking so you request that I lay on my back. I do so and it is your turn to raise onto your knees. From here you lower your mouth back down and recommence the slow erotic blowjob. The best part of this is that you have positioned yourself in a way that I can reach across and take control of the movements of your toy.

Despite the fact that I know you love the constant pressure and humming on your clit, I commence sliding your purple friend in and out at the same slow pace that you are working my cock with your mouth. All of a sudden, your movements are faster and you are now taking me as deep as you can while simultaneously pushing back harder against the thrusts of your toy. I am now thinking how amazing this feels and it is by far the best blowjob you have ever given me. Aside from concentrating on the pleasure we are giving each other, my mind is wondering what has got you this worked up and free.

Are you fantasising about having two cocks at once or do you just want to finish me off so you can put all your efforts into your own pleasure? It is all too much for me to handle and I let you know, expecting you to pull back and finish with your hand. But once again you surprise me and push yourself down and take me as deep as you can. You almost have your nose in my pubic hair when it becomes all too much for me and I finish deep inside you.

Now that I am done, all our attention turns to your satisfaction and it is my turn to take the lead. I request for you to stay upright on your knees and I reach under you, taking hold of your toy while you slowly rise and lower and gyrate on your purple toy. After a minute or so of this, you somewhat shyly tell me that you would like the big black toy. When I ask you why, you respond (again sheepishly) with 'I am so turned on and need to be filled completely'.

I retrieve your black friend and hold it straight up for you. I am then witness to the most erotic sight I have ever seen as you shimmy forward and straddle your upright companion. You take it in your hand and line it up, then slowly lower yourself. You remove your hand and let out a small moan as the head of the black cock enters you.

Slowly you lower yourself until you finally have it as deep as can go. From here you stay still and enjoy the size and vibration of your toy, as well as the sense of fullness you are feeling. From here you begin to rise and lower yourself, gradually picking up the pace. All the while you are massaging your breasts and nipples. Then, all of a sudden, you let out a long moan and take your friend as deep as he will go and grind hard until your moaning becomes more intense and your whole body shakes in the throngs of the ultimate release. After you recover, we both say our goodnights. Just before we drift off to sleep you whisper to me, “That was absolutely incredible, we have to do that again very soon.” 😘😘   

Submitted by Anonymous from Victoria, Australia (sent to them by their husband)

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