Sex Toy Shopping Surprise - Bedroom Fantasies #96

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Sex Toy Shopping Surprise - Bedroom Fantasies #96

The door slams shut behind me and the lights snap on. I dump my bag on the bench and walk towards the bedroom. As I enter the room, I can see the blinds are closed and that the long, naked legs of someone are stretched out across the bed; they quiver with tension. Light from the window drapes the bed in gold and red, and I hear the tiniest moan.

Her back is slightly arched, toes pointing to the roof, hair splayed across the pillows. Her eyes are closed, and one hand grips the sheets while the other holds something inside her. She lets out another moan. I drop my tie to the floor. Her eyes slowly open, and her smile grows.

"I’ve been shopping today," she says. She suddenly slips her legs off the edge of the bed, planting them solidly on the floor and stands up in front of me, naked. Her wide green eyes stare deep into mine and she runs her hands down the side of my shirt and up the middle of my legs. She moves to my shirt again, unbuttoning it. I slip my shirt down my arms while she slides my pants off. She doesn't have to say anything. She drops to her knees and lifts my underwear over my penis, taking it into her mouth. Her eyes flicker to mine as I let out a slight groan.

Her soft mouth begs me to grow. Her hands run up the inside of my legs. Her fingers running between my cheeks, her cheeky smile grows bigger... she knows what she's doing. She opens the drawer under my bed and slides out something I haven't seen before, 4 inches long and black. It was a butt plug she had obviously purchased as part of her shopping spree.

She rubs some lube along it before turning back to me. She runs her tongue up and down me again before sliding the toy between my cheeks. I could feel it press against me for a moment before it slips inside me. Expecting her to once again take me into her mouth, I put my hand on the back of her head and push her back towards me.

Instead, she slips away, rising back to her full height. She grabs my hands and pushes me onto the bed. This was her night. She jumps onto her knees next to me and kisses me. I feel her tongue inside my mouth, and suddenly the butt plug starts to vibrate, causing me to lose my breath. So it's a remote control toy? I can feel myself warm up and she forces her tongue on me again before stepping away.

I start to speak, but before I can get a word out I feel her finger against my lips.

"If you say anything, I will tie you up and gag you."

I almost wanted her to do it, but I felt it was better suited to another night. I feel some soft oil against my skin as she starts to run her hands up and down my member, and then my butt. The vibrations of the butt plug are still reverberating inside me, but that doesn't stop her from slipping it in and out of me a few times. She continues to massage my dick until I'm completely hard again, only for her to stop and return to just kissing me. I wanted to protest, but I know the consequences, so I wait. 

She pulls away from my lips, and I hope and pray I would get what I wanted, but instead, I feel a soft sleeve slide down my dick. I didn't know what was happening. I open my eyes to see a vibrating sleeve being secured around my penis. She grabs me by my dick and rolls me onto my stomach. I feel vibrations start emanating from the sleeve around my cock. I'm shaking, but she isn't finished with me yet.

I feel her move around the bed again. As she does, she whispers, "This isn't everything I got today." I'm now facing the bedsheets, with my face resting on a pillow, vulnerable. She continues to massage my butt and I let slip a moan. The oil drips down me as I wait. All I can feel is the bed moving around me until her hands once again grab my butt. She slips the plug out of me; I feel so empty.

She drips lube down my butt, slipping her finger inside of me and spreading the lube. She leans into my ear and whispers, "Just relax."

My body tenses. I know what's coming. I had asked her so many times to do this, but am I ready?

A hard member presses against my hole and begins to vibrate. It presses inside me. I feel it slip past my sphincter; it is easily the biggest thing I've ever had inside me. She turns the vibrations up on the cock sleeve as she let more of her strap-on enter me, and the pain I had been feeling gives way to waves of pleasure.

She begins to fuck me while turning up the vibrations on the strap-on, and I start to feel the build begin deep inside of me. She fills me, begins to pound, in and out. I can feel the large head of the strap-on leave my ass before she slams it back into me.

It's all becoming too much; the sleeve continues to tease me, and I can't take it much longer. I start moaning and begin to shake and shiver. She speeds up again. I feel the orgasm peak, and with a final thrust of the strap-on, I come. My cum flies onto the bedsheets, more than ever before, my body shaking with pleasure, and I moan as she slowly slips the strap-on out of me, more cum leaking from my cock. I lie on the bed, and as I slowly regain my breath, she slides the other end of the strap-on out of her and turns to me. "You going to fuck me now?"

Submitted by Bodhi from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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