Transgender Woman - Bedroom Fantasies #94

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Transgender Woman - Bedroom Fantasies #94

My fantasy is to place an online ad in an adult forum seeking a transgender woman who is willing to be abducted and used in any way that I see fit. She would be bound, gagged, and blindfolded (thus ensuring she would never know the identity of her abductor), then driven to a secluded country home. 

On arriving at the selected location, I quickly usher her inside the little cottage. Looking around, I see a big wooden coffee table in the lounge room. I escort my victim to the table and start to remove her pink blouse and tiny white skirt, revealing the most sexy little pink teddy. At this point, I take the time to look her over, and what a sight she is. She's about 5ft 6 inches tall, long blonde hair, slim build, her tummy is toned and flat. Her breasts are small, no more than an A cup; she is perfect.

I gently lay her on the table face up with her feet flat on the table, causing her knee to bend and raise in the air. I take some rope from a large bag I had prepared earlier that morning before setting out to abduct my victim. The bag contains numerous sex toys, bondage gear, finger vibes, and my most favourite sex toy of them all: my sex machine with various attachments.

I first tie her left ankle and run the rope on the outside of her left leg across her flat stomach, between her beautiful breasts and then over her right shoulder, securing it to the leg of the table. I take another piece of rope and do the same thing to her right ankle, running the rope across her slim body and between those beautiful little breasts, attaching this rope to the other leg of the table. Taking more rope from my little bag of goodness, I tie both her wrists and tie these to the legs of the table at the opposite end. 

At this point, my beautiful little victim is unable to move in either direction. Feeling pretty proud of myself, I again return to my little bag of fun to remove my favourite sex machine from the bag and start setting it up at the base of the table. Once set up, I return my focus back to my victim and unclip the gusset of her lingerie, exposing her flaccid penis and tight little butt hole.

Taking her penis in my hand, I start to slowly lower my head toward her cock, taking her in my mouth for the first time. She lets out a gentle moan when she feels my tongue and lips touch the head of her penis and I can feel her penis responding as it starts to grow within my mouth. I spend several minutes gently sucking her penis and playing with her balls, causing a little moan to escape her mouth. Shifting my focus, I now begin my assault on her tiny little puckered arse hole. I rim her ass for quite some time until her ass opens up, at which point I drive my tongue as far into her arse as I can. Her arse responds to my invading tongue, opening her up a little further with each thrust of my tongue. 

With her ass now ready, I place the sex machine with its 10-inch attachment in position and slowly insert the dildo in her anal cavity. As the dildo invades her, she tries to raise her hips off the table to accommodate the large object now stretching her sphincter, causing her to let out a loud moan. When the dildo is fully inserted into her, I hit the button and watch as the machine slowly goes to work on her. I sit and watch for several minutes, just taking in the sight of this beautiful woman being sodomised.

My attention now turns to her beautifully proportioned  A cup breasts, which  I hungrily attack, taking each of her lovely little pink nipples, biting and sucking them as she continues to moan in pleasure. Her nipples are now hard and erect, so I reach into my bag and take out the nipple clamps and apply them to each of her beautiful erect nipples, ensuring they are firmly attached. The nipple clamps are joined together by a small chain, which I attach another chain to and run this down her flat abdomen, past her now erect 6.5-inch tool. I take the chain and attach it to the sex machine, which is still relentlessly thrusting in and out of her tiny little ass.

Once the chains are all secured, I increase the speed of the machine to its maximum and watch as she experiences both the pleasure of the dildo pumping in and out of her and the pain of the clamps pulling on her sensitive nipples with each outward motion of the sex machine. Using a finger vibrator, I start to tease the head of her penis and testicles, getting her to boiling point, but not allowing her the pleasure of ejaculation.

At this point, precum is now flowing from her penis, and my own senses are going crazy. The smell, the feel of her hard throbbing cock in my hand...I can’t wait any longer.

I use the tip of my tongue and lick the head of her penis, experiencing my first taste of her sweet juices. I love the taste and want more. I take her penis in my mouth and slowly start sucking her hard cock, taking it all the way down in my throat until my chin is pressed hard up against her abdomen. I think I'm going to gag but don’t, so I pick up the pace as I really need to taste her sweet cum. 

I can tell she's getting close to blowing her load as she is now moaning quite loudly and thrusting her hips up, trying to get more of her cock down my throat. It's at this point I feel her penis start to twitch and am rewarded with her exploding her sweet tasting cum into my hungry mouth. I continue sucking her cock until she has completely emptied her load into my mouth. When I am sure she has finished, I slowly let her penis fall from my mouth and swallow her entire load, savouring the taste as it slides down my throat. By now, my shorts are wet with my own excitement. I remove the gag from her mouth and replace it with my cock. 

I force my cock as deep as I can down her throat, causing her to make gagging noises. The sound of her gagging on my cock and the sight of her tits being pulled as the sex machine pumps into her arse has me coming in seconds. I blow the biggest load ever straight down her throat, which she swallows without spilling a drop. After coming down from the pleasure of what I have just experienced, I release her from the restraints and remove the dildo from her arse. We sit and chat about what we just did and how much we enjoyed the experience. As we reflect on it, my cock starts getting hard again. My newfound friend notices my arousal and slowly starts lowering her head towards my now semi-hard penis, exclaiming that it's now her turn to have a little fun.

But this story is for another day.

Submitted by Geoff

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