Unexpected Pleasures: Adventurous Sex Positions You’ll Want To Try!

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Hey folks, it’s Sexyland’s resident field tester Nora Jo here again!

Now I dunno about y’all, but I’ve read some of those listicles of the so-called ‘best sex positions’ and half of them require an off-putting mix of Olympian core strength and impossible feats of contortion. Meanwhile, the other half I don’t wanna say are ‘boring’, but they’re definitely, shall we say… ‘safe’ sex positions. My birthday was this week and let’s just say that between my two partners (perks of being polyamorous), my sexual exploration has been especially plentiful, and imaginative 😉

As such, I tried a fair few intimate positions in that time and I’d love to share some of the erotic techniques that actually worked for me, as well as what I (as a cisgender woman) personally thought were some of the actual best sex positions for couples to enhance pleasure. Speaking honestly, I consider myself to be someone with decidedly average fitness and flexibility, so even if you boast similarly unimpressive physical stats or are a sex beginner, I promise you’ll be able to pull off these positions too!

Why trying new sex positions is beneficial

Whether your go-to shape in bed is starting to feel a little tired or you’ve never really explored beyond the basics, spicing up your sensual exploration with some unique sex positions can do wonders for your bedroom adventures.

  • Different sex positions feel different — this point is the most obvious one, but different angles of penetration, and even just putting little variations on favourites like rearranging the angle of your limbs can offer different sensations to enhance pleasure!
  • You get a wider variety of views to enjoy — rear-entry positions like doggy or reverse cowgirl provide a great view for the person who is penetrating their partner, but not much for the receiver (unless you’re playing across from a mirror). Meanwhile, face-to-face positions let both of you enjoy the view, including their facial expression, their body working yours (or vice versa), the works!
  • Different sex positions offer different levels of intimacy — for example, face-to-face positions like missionary and the Lotus let you both enjoy eye contact and the deeper emotional connection that comes with that. If you’ve never tried looking into each other’s eyes during sex, give it a go. There’s nothing quite like watching your partner’s face fluctuate between the indulgent struggle of enjoying the ecstasy and desperately wanting even more of it…
  • Trying new sex positions helps you both figure out what you like — everybody’s body is different, so you and your partner might respond better to one position over another. If that happens to be the case, switching between multiple positions during sex means both of you get to enjoy what turns you on most! Just be sure to keep communication open and honest with your partner, and don’t be afraid to ask them to expand your sexual exploration horizons together.
  • Physical abilities can and will change — a surprising number of my friends in their late 20s have suddenly become interested in running marathons, and as such, I imagine they’re now fit enough to pull off the more ‘unique’ sex positions that I probably couldn’t hope to sustain for more than 10 seconds. I, on the other hand, am barely keeping up with my promise to myself to go for one measly run a week and am slipping uncomfortably into my 30s, joint pain and all. My love for me-on-top positions sometimes has to take a backseat to my aching knees, but that’s okay. Sometimes it’s nice to let someone else do all the work 😋
  • Tastes and preferences evolve over time — I’ve always loved the way penetration from behind feels but I used to hate reverse cowgirl (even before my knees started giving out) because I was super self-conscious about my less-than-curvy rear. Through years of perfectly balancing sporadic squats and sitting on my butt watching Netflix, ya girl now has a modest but jiggly little peach of a posterior, and I am far more partial to positions where the main view is of my butt as a result.

Speaking of which…

Nora Jo’s top 3 adventurous sex positions anyone can do

1. The Pretzel — this sex position is essentially missionary with a twist, but boy, does that twist hit the spot! Instead of laying flat on the bed and having their legs straight out, the receiving partner (Person A) lets the penetrating person (Person B) straddle one leg. Person A then twists their upper body towards their straddled leg and hooks their free leg around B’s waist on the opposite side so both of A’s legs are on the same side. For example, if your right leg is the one on the bed, twist towards your right side and hook your left leg around your partner’s waist on their left (or your right) side.

Not only does this position feel *Italian chef kiss* in terms of penetration depth and stimulation, but remember what I said about playing across from a mirror? Yours truly has a full-length wall-to-wall mirror on the sliding closet doors in the bedroom, and The Pretzel positions Person A’s upper leg in such a way that it makes the booty look oh-so-bodacious for both people to enjoy the view! Both people’s upper bodies are also totally open for breath play (AKA choking), fondling pleasure points like the breasts and nipples, or if Person B has good core strength, they can pin Person A’s hands above their head for enhanced intimacy and control.

    2. Bound doggy-style — an all-time favourite of mine because I’m a kinky little fiend 😈 Basically, you start in regular doggy but Person B gets to have more power over Person A by restraining their wrists behind A’s back (with A’s enthusiastic consent while they’re sound of mind, of course). When I’m Person A, I kneel on the edge of my mattress with my shins and butt hanging over the edge so I can angle my pelvis closer to B’s while they stand behind me. This lets B thrust at an absolutely amazing upwards angle and get more leverage by either pulling back on the chain connecting the cuffs together, Person A’s shoulders, or with one hand on their chest and the other on their neck (or by tugging back on a leash if Person A happens to be wearing a collar). Once again, doing this across from a mirror is hot for both people since you’ll be able to see both of your faces the whole time…

    For the Bound Doggy sex position, I use these Petite Silicone Wrist Cuffs by Roomfun (along with the rest of Roomfun’s matching BDSM accessories that Sexyland sells), which I adore because they’re designed specifically for smaller wrists and the silicone material is soft, smooth, and really comfortable against my skin. They’re also vegan-friendly if you aren’t considering leather cuffs but still want something that feels premium.

      3. The Easy Up — even before writing for Sexyland, I’d heard of the Lotus position but had never successfully pulled it off, or at least, I wasn’t sure I could count my attempts as successful executions. I’m good at sitting cross-legged for long periods of time, but I guess I still haven’t gotten the hang of sitting cross-legged in someone’s lap when they’re also sitting cross-legged and I have to grind my hips back and forth while clinging to their shoulders for dear life.

        The Easy Up is essentially the Lotus but easier (as the name suggests) because unlike regular Lotus, the Easy Up doesn’t require both partners to wrap their legs around each other. Instead, one or both partners can uncross their legs to gain more leverage and be able to time the thrusting in tandem.

        My preferred way to do this is with Person B anchoring us both while leaning back on their palms and tightly crossing their legs. Meanwhile, Person A straddles B with A’s knees on either side of B’s hips and A’s feet tucked under B’s knees. Even on occasions where I want a bit more of a workout and I’m feeling up to doing the regular Lotus (in exchange for enhanced clitoral pleasure), letting B lean back on their palms so their pelvis is angled upwards goes a long way in turning this position into a pleasurable novelty rather than a nuisance.

        Ready to get your sensual exploration underway? Check out Sexyland’s Sex Position of the Week blog for more inspiration and feel free to reach out to the friendly Fun Specialists at Sexyland adult shops or via our online chat for advice on what toys and pleasure products can enhance your intimacy in your favourite sex positions!

        Now get out there and love yourselves (in a whole bunch of new positions preferably).

        NJ xx


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