Bound Doggy

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Bound Doggy

This week’s featured sex position requires a higher level of trust than usual due to the bondage element (and a little flexibility plus mobility), but we promise this shape is worth it!

Before starting, make sure to communicate openly about each person’s desires and boundaries. This includes having your safe word prepared and ensuring your setup is safe and comfortable for both partners.

First, find a chair without arms and ensure it is stable enough to support your weight and heavy enough that your movements won’t tip it over. The receiving partner straddles the chair with their chest resting against the chair’s back — for optimum comfort, it’s best if the chair’s back is tall and padded. (Note: a wider chair seat will require more hip and inner thigh flexibility from the receiving partner.)

Once the receiver has comfortably set themselves up on the chair, they place their hands behind their back and allow the other person to restrain their wrists for that extra spice. Feel free to use rope, fluffy handcuffs, or any comfortable ties you have. If you prefer something more intense, a full arm binder is also suitable — you just want to ensure that whatever you use as your restraints is safe for this type of play. 

Depending on the chair's height, the penetrating partner can kneel or stand behind the bound partner to stimulate and thrust into them from behind. Since the bound partner's legs are spread, and their hips are tilted towards the penetration, this can be an excellent position for vaginal or anal play! If you enjoy double penetration sensations, you can add a butt plug for immense pleasure that really puts the ‘fill’ in ‘fulfilling’... 

Take your time in this shape and explore the endless possibilities of stimulation, roleplay, and sensual release. We also encourage and urge both parties to practise aftercare and give both people a chance to decompress, check in with each other, communicate, and reassess future bound shapes for even more kinky enjoyment!


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