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This month is Masturbation May, so we’re encouraging everyone to try new sex positions, experiences, and sensations so you can embrace yourself, your sexuality, and your wellness in your own time this month…

To start off strong, our first sex position is one that makes it a real treat for you to bear witness! All you need for this shape is yourself, a mirror, and a toy of your choosing. With all shapes, your comfort is the most important factor — set the mood, light some candles, turn on your favourite sensual tunes, and find your favourite spicy accessories like enhancers and stimulants.

Once you’re ready, create a comfortable seat where you can relax and soften while still having your body in full or partial view — a full-length floor mirror works wonders for this one, or you can use a folding mirror in front of you while you lean back against your bed’s headboard. If you don’t feel ready for a full-frontal view while exploring yourself, try angling yourself or the mirror for a side view until you’re happy with the look. From there, you’re free to grab your favourite toy or try out a new toy! Slow down and appreciate yourself and your body in this moment, observing how your body looks and moves in the mirror, and how your actions align with the sensations you’re feeling.

Both self-pleasure and mirror gazing have major benefits for your overall health and confidence. To add to this shape, try our bestselling Sexyland Explorer Mini Wand Vibrator, which is whisper-quiet for distraction-free play and small enough that it won’t get in the way of your view no matter where on your body you use it!


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