Sex Position of the Week

Bound Doggy

This week’s featured sex position requires a higher level of trust than usual due to the bondage element (and a little flexibility plus mobility), but we promise this shape is worth it!

Before starting, make sure to communicate openly about each person’s desires and boundaries. This includes having your safe word prepared and ensuring your setup is safe and comfortable for both partners.

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Reverse Cowgirl

As we revisit some of the classics, reverse cowgirl is one we definitely can’t skip past! This shape is the cousin of everyone’s favourite cowgirl, and this variation offers all the benefits of cowgirl, plus a little bit more. With both cowgirl and reverse, the partner on top has as much control over the rhythm and speed as they like, letting them feel in control and empowered. Meanwhile, the bottom partner is given a chance to lay back and enjoy the sensations, and the view of course! With reverse cowgirl, the view from behind is a great deviation from the norm and is one of the main highlights of the position, especially to any visual people out there!

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Ah, 69. An iconic shape that allows both partners to receive and give oral stimulation at the same time. What more could you want? 😉

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The ButterflyIf you’re looking to spice up missionary, this position has you covered! Introducing the butterfly sex position, which is a variation on missionary that allows for more intense pleasure, deeper penetration, and freeing up some space to indulge in clitoral stimulation. Best of all, this shape isn’t too difficult or complex to manage, making this sex position comfortable and accessible to many.

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It may get hated on for being boring or vanilla, but missionary is a sex position that will never go out of style! This shape offers so much more than the haters think, and hey, since when is vanilla a bad thing?

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Read My Lips

Now, to get into this shape is pretty straightforward so we aren’t going to tell you how to lie down, we want to help you set the mood and achieve the best experience you can with this shape.

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Speed hump

This week’s sex position is the delectable Speed Bump, a shape that offers both simplicity and intense pleasure without the muscle strain or an intense workout! This sex position gets its name from the rise created by the pillow beneath the bottom partner's pelvis and is essentially a simplified, flatter version of doggy-style, involving the receiving partner lying on their stomach with a pillow supporting their hips while the penetrating partner is on top.

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Look but don’t touch / Pleasure together

Now this spicy sex position is something everyone can enjoy! This shape is a great way to bring in the first day of spring and the first day of Sexual Health Awareness Month. This is a great time to slow things down, come back to basics, and assess your sexual health, awareness, and desires. This month, we encourage you to get to know yourself and your partner's needs, clear up any gaps in your knowledge, and dive deep into one another.

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