The Butterfly

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The ButterflyIf you’re looking to spice up missionary, this position has you covered! Introducing the butterfly sex position, which is a variation on missionary that allows for more intense pleasure, deeper penetration, and freeing up some space to indulge in clitoral stimulation. Best of all, this shape isn’t too difficult or complex to manage, making this sex position comfortable and accessible to many. Here’s how to start: 

1. The partner being penetrated lies down on their back on a relatively flat, comfy surface. This could be a bed, couch, or table, or you can get creative with other furniture pieces! Whatever surface you pick, the bottom partner should be facing the ceiling, with their butt at the edge of the surface. The other person can either kneel on the edge, looking down at their partner, or can stand near the edge so their genitals line up with the other person’s.

2.For this shape, the bottom partner’s hips and pelvis should be lifted for optimal penetration. If the partner on top is able to, placing their hands under the other person’s hips can feel incredible for support and penetration! Hot tip: try adding a pillow, cushion, or a soft bolster of some kind under the hips to help elevate the pelvis.

3.The partner lying down then puts their legs up in a V-shape, resting them against their partner's chest and shoulders. They can either bend their legs and hook the inside of the knee over their partner’s shoulders or extend their legs so their ankles are resting on the top person’s shoulders instead.

From here, both partners can experiment with penetration depth and full-body body stimulation. For added intensity and sensation, get creative with the hip support and grab a positioning wedge with toy holders! Sexyland loves the Sevanda Multi-Position Sex Pillows, which come in a convenient cube shape made up of 4 detachable Velcro® triangular wedges of different sizes, great for mixing and matching to create your perfect support in any position. The largest wedge has 4 pockets you can insert your favourite toys like wand vibrators and dildos for more stimulation, and the plush fabric covering is removable for easy machine-washing after the fun is done!


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