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It may get hated on for being boring or vanilla, but missionary is a sex position that will never go out of style! This shape offers so much more than the haters think, and hey, since when is vanilla a bad thing?

Missionary is perfect for most people, from nervous newbies to seasoned sexperts, and offers so much to all because it’s really simple to perform and master. Start with the receiving person lying on their back while the penetrating partner gets on top, supporting themselves on their hands in a plank position. In missionary, both partners face each other for added intimacy, eye contact, and easy communication. 

In general, the person on top has more control of the penetration in terms of movement and power of thrusting. This allows the bottom partner to lie back, relax, and simply enjoy the pleasure, or they can move their pelvis, hips and legs to meet their partner’s thrusts and change up the sensations!

Missionary never has to be boring! You choose your own journey with this one. Make it as intimate, sensual or intense as you want. Depending on your mood, sometimes just lying there lapping up the intense pleasure is more than enough and exactly what you may need. On other days, you might want more involvement, from kissing to touching to adding sensation with a toy. Since your bodies will be close together, something small like the We-Vibe® Sync™ Lite Couples Vibrator is a great choice since it stimulates both people and has a compact design that won’t get in the way of the fun. The We-Vibe Sync Lite is also app-compatible so you don’t have to fiddle with any of the buttons once it’s in place — just hook it up to your phone via Bluetooth and you can adjust your settings hands-free!


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