Get Handsy

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Get Handsy

Mutual masturbation is always a good idea, and a fun time to boot! Mutual masturbation is the practice of two (or more) people masturbating simultaneously, and is beneficial for multiple reasons. This is a chance to watch your partner and learn what they like — watch how they touch themselves, their speed, consistency, rhythm, pattern, movements, and so on. Learn what they like and what works for their body. You can also take this opportunity to simply enjoy watching while you take the time to appreciate your partner and their body! The same applies in reverse too as this shape gives you a chance to show your partner what you like and how you want to be touched. This sex position can also be performed in person or over a video call if you and your partner(s) are long-distance.

You can put on an adult film for visual stimulation that you can share together, or you could add your favourite toys for some extra physical sensation! If you’re looking for a new toy, try one of Sexyland’s all-time favourites — for people with vulvas, we love the updated third-generation Satisfyer Pro 2, which performs all the same clitoral suction and vibration functions of the Satisfyer Pro 2+, but now comes in an all-silicone body and is also app-compatible for more ways to play, including long-distance 😏

For people with penises, Satisfyer keeps the fun going with the new Satisfyer Vibrating Power Masturbator, which is also app-compatible so you and your partner can swap control of your toys if you’re feeling cheeky! It has a ribbed interior texture and soft, flexible wings that wrap around the head and upper shaft of your penis that surround you in thrilling stimulation you can enjoy together or solo…


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