Look but don’t touch / Pleasure together

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Look but don’t touch / Pleasure together

Now this spicy sex position is something everyone can enjoy! This shape is a great way to bring in the first day of spring and the first day of Sexual Health Awareness Month. This is a great time to slow things down, come back to basics, and assess your sexual health, awareness, and desires. This month, we encourage you to get to know yourself and your partner's needs, clear up any gaps in your knowledge, and dive deep into one another.


All you need for this week’s featured sex position is yourselves, but adding adult toys never hurt anyone 😉


Start by setting the mood with some sensual music and candles, get comfy, and enjoy yourselves while you appreciate the view. You can also describe to each other what you’re feeling as you stimulate yourselves, why what you’re doing feels good, or try out some dirty talk. This shape is about showing your partner what you enjoy while learning what they prefer — take this as an opportunity to step back, watch, learn, and listen.

If you have a favourite toy to use while playing on your own, now is the perfect time to add it in so your partner can learn about it and deepen their knowledge of what you like. Our top pick for people with vulvas is the brand new Sexyland Excite, our compact and discreet clitoral suction toy! There are 10 patterns of contactless suction to enjoy, which are whisper-quiet so they don’t interrupt or distract either of you from the fun. For players with penises, we recommend the Fun Factory Manta Vibrating Penis Stroker — unlike most masturbators that surround the entire penis from head to balls, this toy leaves the whole penis in view so your partner can see what you're doing and take in the tantalising view...


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