Speed hump

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Speed hump

This week’s sex position is the delectable Speed Bump, a shape that offers both simplicity and intense pleasure without the muscle strain or an intense workout! This sex position gets its name from the rise created by the pillow beneath the bottom partner's pelvis and is essentially a simplified, flatter version of doggy-style, involving the receiving partner lying on their stomach with a pillow supporting their hips while the penetrating partner is on top.


To perform the Speed Bump, the base partner can relax and get comfortable on their stomach with a pillow under their pelvis while the penetrating partner starts off kneeling and enters from behind. From here, they can stay kneeling for an enticing view of their partner’s buns, or they can lean forward so that their chest is against their lover’s back. This intimate posture allows couples to get closer than in the traditional doggy-style, and the positioning of the pillow enhances G-spot stimulation while also allowing for clitoral stimulation!


For even more excitement, feel free to add a lay-on vibrator like the We-Vibe Touch in to spice things up and add a new level of sensation! The slimline design is the perfect size to wedge between the bottom partner’s body and the bed for a comfortable fit.


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