Read My Lips / Lip Singing

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Read My Lips

Now, to get into this shape is pretty straightforward so we aren’t going to tell you how to lie down, we want to help you set the mood and achieve the best experience you can with this shape. 

So, let’s start with setting the mood. Cunnilingus is all about creating intimacy, trust and allowing your partner to feel good. This is all about them, so fostering a calming environment is the best way to start this shape. Starting slow allows your partner to relax and surrender to the sensations completely. Spend time focusing on their entire body, working your way down to their vulva. Listen to their body and respond to what they enjoy. 

Gradually make your way down to their vulva, here you can slowly increase speed and pressure, consistently paying attention to your partner's physical and verbal cues. Something to note, every vulva is different, and every vulva owner prefers something unique. However, a consistent theme is consistency! Once you find the rhythm, tempo and pressure your partner enjoys, try to maintain that until they reach climax.

Use the slow start to this shape as your chance to experiment with sensations, but once you find what works, stick with it. As each vulva owner is unique, some may need more or less to reach climax, if you partner or you find yourself in this category, try - a tongue vibrator to help increase the sensation, the Blow N’ Vibe or Vibrating Textured Tongue Teaser, are great options for anyone wanting vibration sensations. 


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