The Embrace

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This week’s featured sex position is one that everyone can find pleasure in and is an upright twist on spooning! It’s a gender-neutral, penetration-optional shape that creates a sense of intimacy while allowing for multiple stimulation points. 

Just like any other sex position, the first step of this shape is finding the perfect place to perform it and setting the mood, such as with romantic lighting, a scented candle, and by embracing each other during foreplay. Make sure you have ample back support and feel comfortable with your legs stretched out, like on an L-shaped couch, bed with a headboard, sun bed or even on some comfy floor cushions.

When both parties feel ready, the base partner sits back in a comfortable upright shape (and can use their hands for support) while the partner at the front aligns themselves between their lover’s legs, facing the same direction so both partners are looking forward together.

Rather than focus on the penetration, focus on the pleasure this shape invites, such as the intimate embracing with full upper body contact. From here, the base partner is able to stimulate the front partner’s whole body from head to thigh, and the front person can reach back and caress their partner’s face and neck. This sex position does not require penetration but it is welcomed if the urge strikes!

For non-penetrative play, try using a finger vibrator like the Nubby Vibe Textured Silicone Finger Vibrator so you can direct the stimulation wherever you like, as easily as pointing to the spot you want it! This finger vibrator by Neon Vibes has a delicate bristled texture that feels wonderful when brushed over the body’s sweet spots, like the nipples, clitoris, penis shaft, or testicles, even without the 10 vibration modes active.

To add to penetrative play, simply have the front partner move up and back to align your bodies and try adding a vibrating cock ring like the We-Vibe® Bond! This cock ring can be worn with the longer section on the underside of the wearer’s testicles, or with it pointing up to stimulate the receiver’s clitoris, vulva, testicles, or perineum.


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