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From last week’s exploration of doggy-style to a variation that will definitely spice things up, let’s welcome a more advanced sex position: the wheelbarrow! As the name implies, this shape involves both of you forming a wheelbarrow with your bodies for doggy-like penetration with a twist that requires more core strength but offers intense intimacy and control, and is also compatible with vaginal or anal penetration.

For this shape, the penetrating partner will need to stand and support the receiving partner by holding their legs and hips enough to take most of their weight. The receiving partner can assist by wrapping their legs around the back of their lover’s waist and using their forearms or hands to hold themselves up off the floor or mattress (depending on what height and angle works best for you both). Once you’re stable, the standing partner can insert their penis or strap-on and begin thrusting!

When attempting new shapes, it’s important to meet them with a playful attitude, have fun when trying something new, and try not to take it too seriously — even if it’s an epic fail, it’s all about having fun anyway!

That said, the wheelbarrow can be a bit of a difficult, sex position to get the hang of when you first try it. A more advanced shape like this one does carry a higher risk of slipping, so we highly encourage the use of cushions, blankets or pillows on the ground to cushion any potential falls. Exploring this shape on a mattress will also offer more peace of mind, and can help align your bodies height-wise if your mattress is the right thickness.. As always, it is important to ensure you keep communicating with your partner about your comfort levels and what you both need in order to get the right sensations in this position.

There is a lot going on in this shape, so a bolster like an ottoman or even a sex positioning aide such as the Sevanda Multi-Position Sex Pillows are a great addition to help make this shape easier on your bodies and increase enjoyment. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, these sex cushions also have toy holder pockets to add your favourite vibrators or wand massagers for even more stimulation!


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