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Missionary is an iconic sex position that will never go out of style! But sometimes, we all crave a twist on a classic. This week’s sexy shape covers the timeless missionary position we all know and love while adding more clitoral and vulva sensations simply by swapping whose legs are on the outside. The easiest way to access this position is through a missionary-like shape, so let’s get started!

To try this twist on mish, let the receiving person get into a comfortable position lying on their back while the penetrating partner gets on top. The base partner can have one leg between the top partner's legs and the other one in an up-and-out wide position to assist in the insertion. The person on top can support themselves on their hands or forearms in a plank position — prepare for your core to be activated!

From here, the base partner can slowly lower their outside leg down, threading it back between the penetrating partner's legs, under their body. The penetrating partner makes space for this while ensuring they stay inserted. This should look like the base partner having both legs between the top partner's legs while you’re both connected to each other, which does mean the base partner will have less control over movement. However, in this new shape, the penetrating partner’s penis or strap-on will now be rubbing the clitoris and vulva while moving in and out.

Missionary never has to be boring! You choose your own journey with this one. Make it as intimate, sensual or intense as you want. Depending on your mood, sometimes just lying there lapping up the intense pleasure is more than enough and exactly what you may need in the moment.

With this shape, as there is more friction and it creates more grip, make sure you’re adding in a lubricant to keep the shape moving freely. Something long-lasting and without fiddly applicators is ideal, because once you’re in position, you are not going to want to leave it. Sexyland (and some of our happy customers) recommend the Swiss Navy Water-Based Lubricant since it has a lovely, long-lasting viscous texture and a convenient leak-proof pump that you can operate one-handed, so even the partner on top can take care of application during the fun!


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