Down Dog

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This sex position of the week is a fun little variation of doggy style, but it is a position that requires a tad more logistics and mobility. In this position, both partners will start standing while the person being penetrated bends over, touching the floor and using it for support, resembling the downward dog yoga position. This means this partner will need a fair amount of flexibility (particularly in the back of their hamstrings) or, alternatively, an elevated support item under their hands. This could be a stool, ottoman, sturdy box, or even a firm cushion. This partner needs to ensure they are comfortable and supported — bending at the knees can assist with this too. The penetrating partner can now align themselves with their lover’s hips and slowly enter. This partner has a very intense angle of penetration, as their penis or strap-on dildo will stimulate the rear wall of the vagina or anus while still leaving space for a slim toy.  Depending on your preferences and the body parts involved, adding in a wearable vibrator for the partner being penetrated can be a great way to add another level of stimulation.

If the receiving partner has a vulva, a C-shaped vibrator like the We-Vibe® Chorus™ will stimulate the wearer’s clitoris and G-spot while still leaving room for the penetrating partner to enjoy the vibrations too! It’s app-compatible so you can control the toy from your phone and don’t have to worry about repositioning or interrupting the fun at all.

If the receiving partner has a penis and prostate, The Vibe Perineum & Prostate Vibrator from Rocks-Off® is the perfect toy for the job! The front cock-and-ball rings fit over the wearer’s shaft and testicles while the rest of the toy covers the perineum and inserts into the anus. The internal stimulator also has a flat side to make space for the penetrating partner, and there are even tiny pleasure nubs to add some stimulating texture for them to enjoy too!


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