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The Speed Bump is a classic and well-loved sex position because it’s a shape that is beautifully low-maintenance and low-effort with high reward. It offers deep, intense sensations that stimulate the rear wall of the vagina or anus for toe-curling sensations that are similar to doggy-style but with additional comfort and support.

To explore this shape, start by having the receiving partner get comfortable on their belly, using their forearms or pillows to prop themselves up. The penetrating partner climbs on top, supporting themselves on their hands to allow for ease of insertion and movement. The variation in this week’s featured sex position takes place from the bottom partner gently twisting their upper body so that they're face to face with the top partner! Adding the twist allows for more intimacy and visual stimulation for both partners, which could include eye contact and even kissing if you both work together to find the right angle!

When experimenting with any shape, making sure you have sufficient lubrication is a must, though this position does demand that the play area stay close to your mattress. A water-based lubricant won’t stain if any gets on your sheets and will come out in a normal wash so there’s no evidence of your bedroom fun left behind! Sexyland customers love Wicked’s® Jelle Thickened Water-Based Anal Gel Lubricant due to its cushioning texture and seriously long-lasting glide. Don’t be put off by the fact that this lubricant specifies that it’s for anal use as it’s completely vagina-friendly, and also comes in heating or cooling versions in case you want a little extra sensation!


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