Twist & Grind

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A scissor, a twist, some grinding, and eye contact. What else could you want in a sex position? This is a shape that requires minimal effort but offers so much reward!

Start with Person A lying on their side, supporting themselves with an arm, with one leg on the bed and the other lifted to create a scissor-shaped space. Person B takes their place in this V-shaped opening, lying on their opposite side to face Person A and positioning A’s lower leg between both of B’s legs. From here, the two of you can thrust and grind towards each other!

This position allows for deep penetration and leaves everyone’s hands free to roam other erogenous areas like the breasts and nipples, or grab onto hips and shoulders for better leverage. However, the real benefit of this position is the intimacy and connection of the eye contact it allows — you’ll both be able to see every sensation on your partner’s face during the fun!

Thanks to the grinding in this shape, both partners receive a lot of stimulation in the front, but if you’re in the mood for even more sensation, try adding a butt plug, or even two (one for each of you)! An anal plug training kit like this one from the Colours Pleasures range comes with multiple, differently-sized plugs to suit anyone’s experience and comfort level and will have you feeling extra-full, whether you’re the receiving partner or the penetrating partner.


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