Three is never a crowd

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When it comes to all sexual acts and positions, consent, communication, and establishing boundaries are key, and threesomes are no different! No matter which role you’re fulfilling in the threesome, make sure you have set your “rules”, such as what the threesome will include and your expectations regarding intimacy, oral, vaginal, anal, BDSM, and even aftercare once playtime is over. Discuss what you’re okay with, what you may be interested in, and what is a no-go. You can always change your mind, but identifying boundaries in advance allows everyone to feel safe while open communication will allow you all to explore your desires together. We also recommend the three of you set an agreed-upon safe word to build trust and give anyone the power to stop the threesome at any point.

As a final housekeeping point, Sexyland recommends ensuring that you practise safe sex and always use a new condom whenever changing between new partners or orifices. Something like SKYN’s® Assorted Non-Latex Condoms Variety Pack is a great way to keep things interesting between condom swaps, with 20 assorted flavoured, textured, warming, and cooling variants to spice things up while keeping the shape safe and enjoyable!

Now, onto the juicy stuff. This MMF threesome position encourages intimacy while providing deep impact — double penetration in this shape means the person in the middle can experience both vaginal and anal penetration simultaneously. This sex position also has the added luxury of freeing up everybody’s hands to help support one another, as well as explore each other's bodies beyond penetration!

Start with all three people kneeling on the bed, with the receiving partner (Person B) and one penetrating partner (Person A) facing each other, and with the other penetrating partner (Person C) behind Person B. For ease of penetration, we recommend that Person C inserts themselves anally first, with Person B leaning slightly forward to provide better access, supporting themselves against Person A’s chest for extra support if needed. A long-lasting anal lubricant like Wicked® Jelle is a great choice for this thanks to its thickened, jelly-like consistency that won’t dry out.

From here, both Persons B and C can lean backwards together to allow Person A to vaginally penetrate Person B. Once Person A is in place, everyone can slowly move back to an upright kneeling position and the fun can get started! Persons A and C can try timing their thrusts together to treat Person B to extra-filling sensations, or they can alternate their strokes for a seesaw-like effect that’s sure to please Person B from both directions!


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