Santa’s Lap

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Santa’s lap isn’t the only one you can sit in this Christmas… 😉

This fun sex position is a great way to get exactly what you want for Christmas without having to wait in line for Santa’s attention. Start with the penetrating partner sitting at the edge of a bed, couch, or chair with their feet on the ground. If possible, a piece of furniture with back support is a great choice, but don’t stress if you don’t have anything to tick that particular box. From here, the receiving partner straddles the other person and inserts their partner’s penis or strap-on. They can use the other person’s knees or shoulders for extra leverage as they thrust, grind, and bounce away!

This sex position is great because it offers close face-to-face intimacy and eye contact, plus a supportive platform via the penetrating partner’s thighs for the person on top to move against during play. The penetrating partner also has total freedom to explore their lover’s body with their hands!

To enhance this shape, Sexyland recommends plenty of lubricant (as always) to keep things flowing smoothly so you don’t have to interrupt the fun. A long-lasting lubricant like Swiss Navy’s™ Silicone-Based Lubricant will stay slick and won’t dry up for ages, and also comes in a convenient ergonomic pump bottle that you can use one-handed. For a little extra spice, try adding cuffs for the partner on top for some kinky bondage fun!


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