Ride & Shine

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Reverse cowgirl is a classic, but as always, we’re adding a twist to spice things up… 🤠

Overall, our Ride & Shine version of cowgirl is the sister of reverse cowgirl and the cousin of regular cowgirl. With this variation of reverse cowgirl, the partner on top has as much control over the shape, rhythm, and speed, allowing them to feel more in control and empowered while the bottom partner has the ability to simply relax back and enjoy. The main benefit for the bottom partner in reverse cowgirl is the view of course, and this variation of reverse cowgirl  offers a great shift of perspective from the norm while still maintaining the main appeal of the cowgirl position. 

To experience this shape, have the base penetrating partner find a comfortable position lying on their back. As always, take your time to get in the mood and feel properly comfortable. Once you’re both ready for the main event, the top partner can climb on, ensuring their head is facing their partner's feet and carefully straddling them. From here, the partner on top can slowly insert the bottom partner’s penis or dildo if you’re using a strap-on and start to move. Where regular reverse cowgirl usually has the top partner sitting upright, the Ride & Shine variant involves them leaning forward on their hands and placing their weight on their partner’s shins. Not only can this be more comfortable for some folks, this also provides a totally different view for the bottom partner to enjoy!

The top partner can try leaning forward and gently moving up and down, gyrating their hips in circular motions, or thrusting back and forth for different sensations! One thing to note is that reverse cowgirl in general is a shape where vigorous movements at the wrong angle can lead to discomfort and uncomfortable angles, especially when leaning forward, so ensure communication and mindful movements are on your mind when playing in this shape.

Once you find a rhythm that works for both parties, the partner on the bottom is free to use their hands to explore their body or the other person’s for extra fun! If you want extra stimulation and sensation in this position, a butt plug can be a great addition to the shape, sensations, and visuals of course! Sexyland customers love our collection of butt plugs with gems at their bases — they’re a great way to add bling to your booty in comfort and style!


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