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Ah, the 69, a famous and iconic sex position that ensures both partners receive oral stimulation while giving it so everybody gets rewarded for their efforts. Our 69+ variation adds even more pleasure to a shape that has it all by introducing your favourite toys into the mix!

69 gets its household name due to the two people performing it creating the shape of the numbers 6 and 9 with their bodies. The 69+ position mimics this but with a slight or full lean to one side to ensure both partners have space to add in a toy. Before both of your mouths become busy, we recommend you stay on top of communication by establishing a non-verbal signal beforehand, like tapping or lightly squeezing your partner’s body when you need a breather or want to get their attention.

To start, have one partner lying flat on their back while the other person climbs on top of them, ensuring their head is facing their partner's feet. Once everyone’s in position, you can align toys and mouths with each other's genitals and start exploring! 

This sex position does require some manoeuvring and effort to maintain so  it may not be an everyday or go-to shape, but once everyone is comfortable, we promise that this twist on a classic has a lot to offer. Try adding a vibrator like the Blow N' Vibe 5X Oral Vibrator in both people’s mouths to enhance the stimulation as you lick, suck, and blow your partner’s mind!


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