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Missionary may get hated on for being boring or vanilla, but there’s a reason this sex position will never go out of style. This week’s featured sex position is a variation of missionary that offers so much more than you think, and one we should all give a go as we enter into 2024! It’s simple yet effective and adds something a little different. 

Missionary shapes and variations are usually perfect for most people as they have plenty to offer while being a beautifully simple shape to perform. To start, have the receiving person lying on their back while the penetrating partner gets on top, supporting themselves on their hands in a plank position. The partner on top should ensure they are between the receiving partner’s legs. And it may seem obvious but for this shape, both partners face each other for added intimacy, eye contact, and easy communication.

Once comfortable, the person lying down can lift their legs, spreading them apart with the soles of their feet pointed towards the sky. If mobility and comfort allows it, they can then grab onto their feet or shins as the top partner continues thrusting.

Usually, in this shape, the person on top has more control of the penetration speed and depth, which lets the base partner lie back, relax, and simply enjoy the sensations! Of course, that doesn’t mean they can’t move their body to meet their partner’s thrusts and change things up if they want more intensity…

With all sex positions, you choose your own journey. Everyone is different and requires their own thing to be comfortable, so make this shape as intimate, sensual, or intense as you want. Adding a toy for further sensation could be a great addition, such as a cock ring like the Leto S-Ring! This cock ring has a 10-mode vibrating bullet inside the snug, silicone design that offers extra stimulation to the receiver’s clitoris or perineum as it buzzes against their sweet spots and also helps the wearer last even longer before an explosive finish!


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