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The Lotus sex position is often considered more advanced than other shapes as it involves a lot of hip-thrusting while maintaining intimate eye contact and face-to-face closeness, but this is exactly what makes it such a worthwhile position — the Lotus takes everything you love about intimacy and penetration, and combines it into one shape! This shape offers similar benefits to missionary with the added, heightened sensations of both people being upright and wrapped around each other. Don’t be put off by the perceived difficulty of this position as there are ways to combat this and ensure both parties are comfortable during play, because the pay-off is so worth it!

To find your way into this shape, start with the penetrating partner sitting up with their legs crossed. For more ease and support, they can either lean back against something sturdy like a headboard or use their hands as anchors (though we recommend ensuring everyone’s hands are free to maximise your enjoyment of this shape). The receiver then straddles the giver, wrapping their legs and arms around their partner’s back for stability and exploration.

This shape can be tailored to suit any pairing and even works if you’re just exploring with your hands rather than focusing on penetration. If you’re keen on penetration, this position works wonders with a strap-on like the Fetish Fantasy Series Hollow Strap-On & Harness, which is suitable for people with vulvas or penises. If you enjoy extra sensations, you can also try adding in a wearable vibrator like the We-Vibe® Sync™ O! This couple’s vibrator takes the classic C-shaped design and gives the insertable arm a squeezable O shape which not only makes insertion easier for the wearer but also offers a more secure fit and leaves more space for the penetrating partner!


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