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Did you know that over 36% of vulva-owners report needing clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm? An additional 36% report even more pleasure when clitoral stimulation is included during sexual activity!

Grinding on couches and humping pillows or other similar objects are quite popular forms of self-exploration, pleasure, and masturbation for people with vulvas. It’s completely normal, safe, fun,  and more common than you think! This week’s featured sex position encourages you to try grinding your clitoris against something soft while enjoying the dual sensation of penetration. Embrace your needs with your partner and open yourself up to new heights of intimacy…

To try out this shape, you’ll need a supportive pillow, couch, or armchair edge that you can comfortably mount while ensuring there is space behind you for a penetrating partner to join the fun. From here, you’re free to explore different movements to achieve orgasm — try slowly rocking your hips back and forth to create a gentle thrusting motion, or explore sensual circles and side-to-side movements to get the right stimulation. There’s no right or wrong way to experience pleasure!

Once you’ve found your groove, allow your partner to slowly insert their penis or toy from behind. Then you can both find the movement that works best for your bodies, from gentle thrusts to deeper penetration. The key to exploring any new position is trust and communication, so make sure you’re open with each other about how you’re feeling and what you want and need.

Got the perfect couch edge but don’t want to leave behind any messy evidence of your sex-capades? The soft and cosy Sportsheets® Pivot™ Protector Blanket absorbs fluids quickly and won’t let them seep through thanks to the waterproof inner lining, and is machine-washable for easy care. If you want to experience this shape on something other than your couch, try one of Sexyland’s personal favourites, the Sevanda Inflatable Sex Pillow, which can be a great way to mimic the couch setup. The pillow even has special pockets to hold your favourite accessories and sex toys for even more sensation!


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