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For this week’s featured sex position, we’re looking at positions that embrace getting down and dirty while things get wet and steamy! This shape requires a little bit of balance and mindfulness as the shower can get slippery, but the two of you can help each other out by holding onto each other in strategic spots.

To try out this shape, start by getting into the shower. We know water temperature can be an endless debate between couples, but for this shape, let’s just all agree on a medium temperature so you can focus on creating the heat with your bodies!

Once you’re both standing inside the shower facing each other, the receiving partner balances on one foot and lifts their other leg to wrap it around their lover's hip, or they can place it on a support bench/chair if there’s one available in your shower. To make this a little easier, at least one of you should have a wall behind you for extra support. The penetrating partner can also place one of their hands under the receiver’s raised thigh to help them balance. Once you both feel supported, you’re free to thrust and grind against one another, enjoying the warmth of the water and steam of the shower.

While playing in the shower, there are a few nifty toys and accessories, we think you’ll love. Silicone-based lubricants are water-resistant and will help you slip ‘n’ slide smoothly even while the shower douses you both, though they’re not compatible with sex toys made of silicone. For this reason, we recommend using waterproof toys made of TPR or TPE, like the Dual Clit Flicker™ Vibrating Cock & Ball Ring from CalExotics®, which fits snugly around the wearer’s shaft and testicles for a secure fit. The cock ring keeps their erection harder for longer while the tongue-like stimulator at the top vibrates in 3 speeds to tantalise the receiver’s clitoris so you can both maximise your pleasure in the shower!


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