Hit The Spot

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Hit the Spot

Hit the spot just right with this week’s featured sex position! Sure, it’s not that different from standard missionary, but there’s a friction-tastic twist on this little number that we think you’re both going to love… 😉

To get started with this sex position, have the receiving partner lay on their back with their legs out and have the penetrating partner straddle one of those legs. The straddled leg will remain flat against the bed, floor, couch, or wherever you’re indulging yourselves. From here, the receiving partner twists their body towards the side of the straddled leg and hooks their non-straddled leg around the giver’s waist so both knees are on the same side. For example, if your right leg is the one on the bed, twist towards your right side and hook your left leg around your partner’s waist on their left (or your right) side. You can then finalise positioning and comfort, including putting a pillow under the receiver’s back to align your genitals better.

By crossing their legs this way, the receiver can stimulate erogenous zones like the clitoris or penis by rubbing against the giver’s thigh or stroking themselves while also enjoying the penetration. The crossed legs can increase friction and result in a different, more full-bodied penetrative sensation!

Since this position involves more friction (and you also won’t want to get out of it once you’re in it), we recommend adding a long-lasting lubricant to the mix, like the Wicked® Simply™ Aqua Jelle. This gel-like lubricant has a thickened consistency that provides a cushioning effect, creating a seriously long-lasting glide that’s suitable for both vaginal or anal sex so you can play your way!


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