Shower Them With Love

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Shower Them With LoveThis little number is pretty steamy, so we took it straight to the shower! We know shower sex can be tricky between slippery floors and finding a water temperature you can both agree on., but trust us…this wet and wild number won’t have you worried about either of those things 😉

This position is a variation of an old-time favourite: cowgirl. The lotus position involves a lot of full-body contact between partners while facing each othe, so it’s super intimate. To get into the lotus position, the penetrating partner sits on the shower floor with their legs crossed and their back against the wall (which eliminates the concern for slipping — see, we told ya you didn’t need to worry).  The receiving partner sits on top, straddling the seated person with either their legs fully wrapped around the other person’s back or kneeling on either side of their crossed legs. The partner on top controls how they want to be penetrated and touched and can set the speed, rhythm, and depth.  If you have a vulva and clitoris, this position is great as it allows for direct clitoral contact against your partner’s pubis. All you need to do is grind your way to a fabulous orgasm!

To make this shape even better, try a waterproof vibrating cock ring like Winyi’s Lucas 10-Mode Vibrating Cock Ring With Ears for more clitoral stimulation. The pointed ears and ribbed underside offer even more pleasure, or you can rotate the ring and have it vibrate against the wearer’s testicles for a new kind of stimulation!


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