The Giddy-Up Get Down

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The Giddy-Up Get Down

Ready to say ‘giddy-up’ and embrace your inner cowgirl? This sex position definitely brings out your wild side while adding an element of intimacy and touch for all those that love extra sensation. Reverse cowgirl is exactly what it sounds like — it’s just cowgirl but in reverse. To break that down a little more, it simply changes the orientation of the top partner by having them facing away from the penetrating partner instead of towards them. 

This can be a position that feels a bit more advanced, but don’t let that intimidate you! The rider has all the control. They can stay upright or lean forward or back, depending on what feels most comfortable for them. 

For this variation of reverse cowgirl, we do encourage trying something different and embracing the backward lean for the partner on top. To keep it simple, start by having the penetrating partner lie comfortably on their back. Then the person on top carefully straddles them while facing their feet rather than their face, placing their weight on their shins for the most comfort. Then, they can slowly lean back, either resting on their arms or allowing their back to find their partner’s chest.

From here, the partner on top can slowly insert the bottom partner’s penis or a penetrative toy like a strap-on and start to move against them. (They can also insert them prior to leaning back if you like, but this position can be finicky, so communication between partners will help you see what works best for both of you). Once you find your rhythm together, the bottom partner’s hands are totally free to explore the body of the person on top for extra fun! If you want more stimulation, the penetrating partner can wear a vibrating cock ring with longer ears upside-down on their penis/toy. Something like the Vush Orb Cock Ring can tickle the receiving partner’s clitoris or testicles just right and take this position to new levels of pleasure!


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