Sex Toys That Enhance Intimacy For People With Disabilities

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December may be most strongly associated with Christmas cheer, but there’s another reason to celebrate this month — did you know that December the 3rd of every year is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPwD)? This globally recognised day of observance was started by the United Nations in 1992 and is dedicated to promoting the rights, well-being, and understanding of people living with disabilities. The day also serves to highlight the importance of inclusivity, accessibility, and equal opportunities for differently-abled folks while also celebrating their achievements and contributions to society.

Sexyland has always championed everybody’s right to pleasure and is proud to stock inclusive pleasure products that take into account not only an individual person’s erotic preferences, but also their physical comfort! However, while the number of accessible intimacy devices in our range is growing, adult toys that are specifically designed for people with disabilities often receive less mainstream marketing and exposure, making them harder to find outside of specialty stores. Sexyland endeavours to make everyone feel welcome shopping with us so in this article, we’ll be considering all toy features that can help those with a wide variety of disabilities experience sexual intimacy and pleasure, not just toys or features related to specific conditions.

The importance of intimacy for everyone

Sexual wellness is for people of all abilities, and people with disabilities are just as entitled to sexual exploration as anyone else! Expressing sexuality can take many forms, from experiencing sexual feelings and discovering the gender identity that suits you best, to flirting with others, masturbating, or being physical with a partner. Engaging in sexuality also has many physical health benefits, including better heart health, a stronger immune system, exercise participation, improved bladder control (in women and people with vulvas), and decreased risk of prostate cancer (in men and people with prostates). The mental benefits of using empowering pleasure devices like sex toys include better sleep, lower stress levels, and increased confidence.

Intimacy, whether with a partner or with oneself, is important to help people enjoy and connect with their bodies in pleasurable ways that contribute to a better overall quality of life, and in a roundabout sort of way, isn’t that what life is all about?

The Wide Range of Toys for Various Disabilities

How do sex toys for disabilities differ from regular sex toys?

Sex toys that have been designed for those with different physical abilities tend to have more lightweight, ergonomic shapes that are easier to hold and operate than standard sex toys can be. They are often designed to be more adaptive as intimate devices, offering extra versatility to suit a variety of abilities. Such is the case with the Luddi™ Ziggy™, which is a multi-purpose vibrator that can suit all bodies, no matter where on the accessibility or gender spectrum you fall!

Disability-friendly sex toys are also usually packed with other user-friendly features that are great for everyone, not just differently-abled people — these can include longer, curved handles that can easily target those hard-to-reach spots, accessible controls that don’t require too much finger pressure or awkward hand movements to operate, and hands-free capabilities.

Not all disabilities are alike, so rather than just listing a few specific disability-friendly sex toys that may have features to suit specific conditions, let's also explore what design features can be helpful for helping those with a variety of physical limitations and mobility challenges.

Hands-free disability-friendly sex toys

Hands-free toys are great for people with limited mobility and/or hypersensitivity in their hands as they can simply place the toy where it needs to be, turn it on (usually remotely), and then let the toy work its magic! There are a few ways a sex toy can qualify as ‘hands-free’ — some of them are designed to stay in place and merrily perform their function without any further input once you turn them on. Others are remote-controllable or app-compatible so you can operate your toy without having to hold or touch it during play, meaning you don’t need to move the rest of your body to get your hand there while using it either. You can also use disability-friendly adult toy accessories like holsters, wedges, mounts, and so on to make any toy hands-free.

Sexyland’s favourite hands-free adult toys for women and people with vulvas:

Sexyland’s favourite hands-free adult toys for men and people with penises/prostates:

Hand-operated, grip-free sex toys

For those who have difficulty grasping things (such as cramping, spasms, or pain in the hand) but still prefer the precision and versatility of hand movement, most hand-held vibrators are out, except for the humble finger vibrator. While finger vibrators technically sit on the hand, you don’t have to hold on to them as they usually have some sort of cradle or loop that secures them to the fingers so you can simply move your hand to stimulate your body.

Automatic thrusting/stroking sex toys

Thrusting and stroking motions are popular self-pleasure movements, but these may not always be an option for people with limited mobility in the hands, arms, and/or shoulders, so toys that can automatically handle these on their own, like sex machines or suction-cupped dildos are a great option.

Sexyland’s best automatic thrusting toys for women and people with vulvas:

Sexyland’s best automatic thrusting/stroking toys for men and people with penises/prostates:

Lay-on & wearable sex toys

Lay-on vibrators are any vibrator you can lay against your body and then not have to touch once it’s in use. Think palm-sized vibrators like We-Vibe’s® Touch X or the Chi Lay-On Clitoral Vibrator from Doc Johnson’s® Ritual™ range, as well as panty vibrators, which your underwear can hold in place for an extra layer of security and are guaranteed to have some sort of remote or app control functionality.

Wearable vibrators are specifically designed to be worn with part of the toy inside your body and the external part acting as an anchor to hold it in place, hands-free. Anal plugs and C-shaped couples vibrators are great examples of this and are also suitable for solo use if you so choose.

Sex toys with variable power levels

For those with increased bodily sensitivity, some sex toys such as high-powered vibrators can be too intense and even painful in some cases, so choosing sex toys with options for low-powered settings or no motorised settings at all can be a better option for folks living with hypersensitivity. On the other hand, for people experiencing decreased sensation, ultra-powerful stimulation can be the difference between a positive sex toy experience and a frustrating, disappointing one. In both cases, being able to choose your power level is extremely useful.

Wand vibrators tend to have the most versatility in terms of power levels and can easily be made hands-free if needed with the addition of an external holder like this Wand Assist Adjustable Gooseneck Wand Vibrator Holder. Sexyland’s top wand picks for rumbly vibrations that penetrate muscles deeply are:

Intimate positioning aids for limited dexterity

Sex wedges are more than just cushions — their firm yet comfortable designs make them a much more ergonomic, fit-for-purpose instrument to hold your body at the right angle during play than your standard pillow. Some models like the Sevanda Multi-Position Sex Pillows even have special pockets to hold sex toys for hands-free use!

Sex swings and slings are also a great way to let folks with limited mobility experience weightless freedom, though they do require more pre-play setup than anything else listed in this article and are the most difficult to get into position to start with.

If you’re ready to explore the world of holistic intimacy solutions, don’t hesitate to speak to our friendly Fun Specialists at one of Sexyland’s adult stores, or shop online and use our Live Chat to get personalised advice on what accessible intimacy devices would best suit you and your sexual exploration journey!


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