Sexyland's Ultimate Holiday Guide to Christmas-Themed Sex Toys

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‘Tis the season of gift-giving once more, and whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, we promise there isn’t any coal to be seen on this list of adult Christmas gift ideas. After all, everybody deserves pleasure, and Sexyland has Christmas toys galore this festive season, both at our adult shops and online! You can stuff your own stocking with these holiday pleasure products or surprise your special someone with them, perhaps under the mistletoe if you’re feeling cheeky 😉

Festive adult toys for women & people with vulvas

Snowy Kiss Christmas Clitoral Suction Massager

This little beauty is one of Sexyland’s most popular Christmas-themed sex toys thanks to its cute snowman-shaped design that will bring a smile to your face in more ways than one! The hollow chamber in its face has an internal thumping pad that offers 10 tantalising suction patterns for contactless clitoral suction that will have you clutching your sheets tighter than ever…

Naughty Santa Hat Christmas Rolling Pearl Clitoral Vibrator

Continuing our trend of popular Christmas-themed sex toys, Sexyland’s newest additions include the Naughty Santa Hat, which has a cute Santa hat design that’s so discreet you could even leave it out as Christmas decor! The white rim houses a unique rolling pearl mechanism that licks over your clitoris in 5 patterns through a layer of silicone for silky-smooth sensations your clitoris will love. If you’re a fan of classic clitoral vibration, you can use the pom-pom at the end of the hat to experience 10 toe-curling vibration patterns, giving this toy 2-in-1 versatility!

VUSH Ella + Dom Rotating Twist Vibrator

This limited edition adult toy comes from Aussie pleasure brand VUSH and best friends Ella Ding and Domenica Calarco, who met on Married At First Sight and now host Sit With Us, which was 2022’s #1 podcast. It features a unique helix twist design that offers both internal and external pleasure, with spiralling ribs that rub beautifully against your inner walls. The tapered tip spins in 4 rotation settings and packs an extra 5 levels of intensity for 8 vibration modes into the mint-green body, putting a fun twist on your own personal mini-Christmas tree!

And speaking of Christmas trees…

Festive adult toys for men & people with penises + prostates

Cheeky Anal Plug Duo

This pair of anal plugs puts its own fun twist on Christmas trees with their ribbed, green design, and  comes with a small and large size to suit anyone’s preferences, or to suit intimacy between couples at different levels of backdoor experience. The tapered tip is comfortable to insert while the stimulating ridges add extra sensation on the way in or out! Both plugs have flared suction cup bases to keep the plugs at a safe depth, as well as letting you attach the plugs to solid, flat surfaces for hands-free fun!

TENGA Flex Spiralling Suction Masturbator With Drying Stand

This masturbator comes in a festive yet discreet spiralled green case, which houses a textured sleeve made from an all-new material that unwinds itself as you insert and winds back up as you withdraw for incredible twisting sensations. Like other popular TENGA toys, there is an air hole at the top of the masturbator, which you can cover with a finger to create an intense internal vacuum for maximum suction power and pleasure.

After the fun is done, you can remove the sleeve from its case and flip it inside-out for easy cleaning. Best of all, the cap at the end of the drying stand inverts so it can stay upright on its own, letting you air-dry the sleeve before sliding the case back on!

BDSM-themed Xmas gifts

Sportsheets Sincerely Bow Tie Collar & Leash

In a Dom/sub relationship, wearing a collar can have multiple meanings depending on what type of collar it is, though it traditionally symbolises some level of commitment, intimacy, and/or devotion between the collared person and their partner, as well as consensual ownership and protection from the non-collared party. Gifting a collar to a partner can be a sign that you’re ready to take your BDSM relationship to the next level, whether it’s intended for them to wear or for you to wear (when the Dom/Domme decides you’ve earned it, if that’s how they like to operate).

In the case of folks who are BDSM beginners, gifting a partner a collar and leash set indicates that you’re comfortable enough in the relationship to introduce a D/s dynamic with total trust and confidence. Frankly, that’s just one of the best feelings out there, for both the giver and receiver! Even if you’re single, you can also collar yourself if you feel empowered when wearing one, want to signal to other singles what kind of kinky lifestyle you’re into, or just like the look and feel of them.

This particular collar and leash duo from Sportsheets features an elegant, gender-neutral bow tie design so anyone can give themselves as a gift to their lover (or themself) in style. The chain leash is easy to attach at multiple D-ring points, and the whole set is vegan-friendly and nickel-free for everyone to enjoy! There are also matching bow tie cuffs if you’d like to expand your kinky collection.

Bound 25ft Silky Bondage Rope

What’s better than wrapping presents? Why, wrapping up a partner of course, and as we established above, that’s the best kind of present there is! This smooth-as-silk rope is non-chafing and feels lovely against the skin for comfortable bondage, shibari, and restraint play, even during long sessions. It comes in 6 shimmering shades of passionate pink, lovely lavender, romantic red, gorgeous gold, alluring aqua, and stunning silver so you can decorate your beloved in your favourite colour like you’re draping tinsel over a Christmas tree!

Scandal® Double-Sided Spanking Paddle

We did promise earlier that there was no coal on this list, but that doesn’t mean all the naughty boys, girls, and enbies have to go unpunished this holiday season! This luxurious spanker has a festive red and black fabric brocade design on the firm side and plush velvet on the soft side, offering distinctly different sensations so the wielder can decide how harsh the punishment has to be.

If you’re shopping online with Sexyland, make sure to place your order by tonight (the 14th), or choose 2hr Delivery (or Hobart 2hr Delivery for Tasmanians) to get your gifts under the tree in time for Christmas!


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