Wonderful, Weird Sex Toys - Part 2 - Sexynews #45

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Sexynews #45 - Wonderful, Weird Sex Toys - Part 2

At times it can feel like technology is turning against us, with the lack of online privacy and the advancements in Malware etc. Fortunately, there are some amazing people who direct their genius into the greater good such as finding the cure for cancer, a vaccine for contagious diseases and those who tirelessly research and develop technology that can open up a whole new world of sexual satisfaction we never dreamed possible.

Sex Toy Technological Advancements

Some of these advances include Lithium-ion batteries, allowing for USB recharging, pulse wave technology, and silicon casting (making remote app controlled toys completely waterproof so they can be used in the bath or shower and remote app controlled toys). Even better are the mobile apps that allow partners to stimulate each other from anywhere in the world. Designed to control your favourite sex toy, some even allow you to customise the vibrations via the app and save your favourite settings. 

Here are just some of our sex toys that are almost as advanced as an Elon Musk invention that you may or may not have had the pleasure of trying out solo or with a partner. 

Oral Simulators

What woman doesn't love the pleasures of oral stimulation? Now, she can revel in the experience anytime, anywhere with the new oral stimulators on the market. Named as the "world's most intelligent oral sex simulator," the Lelo Ora 3 has a "pleasure nub" that rotates and vibrates like a tongue. The intuitive toy also gets more intense with the vibrations as you apply pressure, so there isn't as much awkward fumbling of buttons or controls. It's also 100% waterproof, rechargeable, and has 10 settings for the ultimate control. Check out our massive range of Lelo high tech Stimulators and our male Mastubators

Body Temperature Simulated Toys

Gone are the days when you have to start your sex play with a cold toy. Many new toys are now coming onto the market with an automatic warming feature that has your toy all warmed up before you begin using it, thereby simulating a far more realistic experience. The Optimale Secondskin Silicone Warming Penis Stroker is a one of a kind masturbator that heats up to your body temperature giving you the sensation of a real blowjob. An outer shell of sturdy hard plastic encases a powerful vibrator with 10 unique modes to send stimulation skyrocketing, while a luxurious interior lined with dual density Secondskin, an enticingly soft, flexible silicone that conducts warmth and moulds to your touch and strokes your shaft.

Electromagnetic Pulsewave Technology

The revolutionary electromagnetic PulseWave™ technology uses a wave-motor drive with adjustable intensity with a range up to 75 pulsations per second. The elegant Queen By Zalo Vibrator uses the innovative PulseWave™ technology to provide delightful pressure on the g-spot. Turn on the separate vibration motor for explosive orgasms. The curved and angled shaft alongside with the gentle flap on the tip makes it easier to reach and stimulate the G-Spot. This innovative toy features a powerful yet extremely quiet vibration motor that is controlled individually to provide many different combinations allowing you to explore different paths to pleasure. The rapid heating function and the app remote control functionality make the Queen By Zalo Vibrator an exceptional and unique toy.

App Controlled Sex toys

Sex with your lover from afar has never been easier than it is now with the new app controlled sex toys. It's as simple as downloading an app, connecting to the toy and letting your partner take control from where ever he or she may be. We-Vibe Pivot is soft and stretchy and comfortable to wear, providing hands-free clitoral stimulation with powerful rumbly vibrations that you both can enjoy and you can create your own custom vibrations with the free We-Connect™ app. Have a look at our extensive range of high tech We-Vibe Sex Toys

Soundwave Technology

Low Frequency sex toys work on soundwaves. Stimulation is achieved through the emission of low frequency vibrations that stimulate the sensory receptors of your erogenous zones. Traditional vibrators aren't as effective at reaching hidden nerve endings where frequency emitting toys are more effective. The sound wave vibrations travel better, enabling a broader reach of your sensory receptors.

The incredible Fun Factory Stronic Zwei Anal Plug Vibrator relies on deep satisfaction through low frequencies combined with a natural back and forth motion. These thrusting impulses can be adjusted in over 10 varieties from lightly stimulating to powerfully animating. The elegant, pure shape complements the gentle stimulation of the external anal area and perineum. Fun Factory has a great range of high tech toys that are sure to deliver powerful sensations to take you to orgasm heaven.

Real Life Sex Dolls

Technology has come a long way from the plastic blow up dolls that you’d sometimes see floating around tied to the back of someone's car as a cruel prank. While we haven't quite reached the sci-fi sex robots we see in the movies, we're not far off from it. Our Life Like Sex Dolls made with real feel skin and a titanium alloy skeleton can be customised to suit your preference. Their bodies are made to proportion and their features are perfect sculptured, giving you the touch and feel of a real person. 

Brief History on Sex Toy Advancements

Sex toys have a long and sordid history. According to legend, Cleopatra created the first vibrator from an empty papyrus box jammed with bees. Hundreds of years later, in China, dildos were made from timber, stone, and bronze. Then during the Industrial Revolution, doctors used the newly invented electric vibrator to treat women with “hysteria.” These designs were primitive, but they were all built according to the technology available at the time. 

Imagine the Future of Sex Toys!

The advancements in the sex toy industry have kept up with mainstream high tech gadgets and is getting better all the time. We can only wonder what pleasures the sex toy industry will bring us in the very near future. Perhaps we’ll be able to experience a much more full body experience in time! Imagine the possibilities!


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