Wonderful, Weird Sex Toys - Part 1 - Sexynews #44

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When it comes to sex toys, you’ve got the run of the mill Dildos and DongsVibratorsBulletsButt Plugs, the long time favourite Rabbit and the Sleeve. While these toys are classics for a reason, there are companies who are making a range of toys that take pleasure and kink to the next level.

Electro Play

Electro Play also known as Erotic electrostimulation, is when electricity is used for stimulation purposes. By using different types of voltage you are able to bring electric stimulation to certain areas and even orgasm with a little practice.

Electric stimulation can be more effective than vibrations, hence the orgasm power of these sex toys. Most electrostimulation sex toys use the same technology as TENS machines, also used by medical professionals for pain relief. By sending these electric currents to your erogenous zones, you can give pleasure like no other, simply by making your muscles contract.

Using your electrostimulation sex toys in sensitive, erogenous zones and focusing on contracting those precious, highly sensitive muscles is where you need to focus if you want the best experience that will have you coming back for more. The Fetish Fantasy Electro-sex Shock Therapy Kit is perfect for first-timers, those new to e-stimulation and those experienced in the art of electro play.

Urethral Sounding

Urethral Sounding involves inserting a long, thin rod, typically made of surgical steel into your urethral opening. Yes, we're talking about the pee hole. The urethra actually has a lot of nerve endings that can amount to intense pleasure when stimulated properly. If the sound goes deep enough, it can even stimulate the prostate, which is commonly referred to as the male G-spot, giving you heightened orgasms and stimulation.

Initially, sounding rods were used as a medical procedure to clear obstructions from the urethra but was found to be incredibly sexually satisfying as well. The Hegar Dilator Set is perfect for beginners and advanced alike as it slowly stretches your urethral opening so you can progress through each rod for added stimulation, opening yourself up to a whole new level of pleasurable sensations.

Gender Neutral

Gender Neutral sex toys also known as Unisex Toys, can be used by everybody on different erogenous zones. They are nonspecific to a particular gender and generally take the form of no specific genitalia so they tend to look like some sort of weird art sculpture.  Gender neutral sex toys are also perfect for couples looking for toys with more versatility! Imagine the possibilities with a sex toy you can both use!

The Iroha+ - Kushi with its bulbous body with multiple ribs and defined edges could easily be mistaken for a sculpture of the Sydney Opera house but this allows for more direct stimulation of your erogenous zones, whilst the larger body is perfect for adorning the remaining areas.

Egg Vibrators

Egg Vibrators look like they belong in the Easter Bunny’s basket but once you discover the pleasurable sensations these small yet wondrous toys are capable of achieving for you, they’ll be as familiar to you as your coffee mug. Egg Vibrators are small yet powerful and many can be inserted into the vagina or the anus or used to stimulate the clitoris.

They're typically thicker and rounder than the Bullet Vibrator, usually in the shape of a teardrop or egg and often have a controller attached. Most egg vibrators are powerful yet quiet and are always portable and discreet. The Zinnia Egg offers flickering waves of pure delight as Zinnia's precision petals tease and tantalises your secret and most sensitive parts of your body.

Clitoral & Pussy Pumps

We’ve all heard of penis pumps, but how many of you have heard of Clitoral and Pussy Pumps? It might look like an odd shaped oxygen mask you’d normally put on your face, but as the name suggests, a pussy pump sits over the vagina and/or clitoris. Despite the name, a pussy pump isn’t designed to blow yourself up like a balloon. Instead, it creates a vacuum over the vagina which will cause the tissues to swell, encouraging blood flow and making the area ultra sensitive. Pussy and vaginal pumps are ideal if you have difficulty climaxing and you’re looking for something to increase sensation.

The added blood flow and tissue expansion can help you achieve stronger orgasms and enhance intercourse for both partners. Many people find the unique sensations and markedly puffy appearance of the labia and clitoris a real turn on and the actual process of using one with your partner can be a type of foreplay in itself. The Automatic Vibrating Rechargeable Pussy Pump was designed to heighten sensitivity to increase arousal and orgasms. The transparent cup allows you to have incredible visual results in real-time.  

In Closing

You might have heard the saying, ‘anything’s a sex toy if you’re brave enough.’  The sex toy industry has not only taken this on board, they have done extensive research into the human body's response to sexual stimulation. They've used this knowledge to create sex toys that can produce an array of sensations and stimulations for every erogenous zone in your body. It’s time to set aside the mundane and take a leap into a world of pleasure like you have never known before.


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