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While we are living in unprecedented circumstances, it’s easy to lose sight of what matters most and to take those closest to us for granted. In this newsletter, we have listed a few fast and fun challenges that are small but meaningful, that can help keep the romance alive and let your true love know that you’re still madly in love with them.

Try These Micro Sex Challenges

  1. Snap a sexy selfie: It doesn’t matter if your partner is out of the house or in the next room, put on a Sexy Outfit and send a sneak peak of your goods. Create positive anticipation with your partner that fosters excitement to reconnect.
  2. Compliment: Always take the time to remind your true love of their wonderful qualities (even if you have to bite your tongue on the qualities you’re not so keen on). Let them know that you appreciate their culinary skills, their sense of humour, or whatever else they’re good at. Highlight all the positive things they do more than the negative. 
  3. Focus on intimacy, not sex: Any shared experience that draws you together such as watching the sunset, laying under the stars, trying a new activity or food, cuddling, hugging, holding hands, can all build intimacy in your relationship, which will keep the romance and attraction alive. Love Dice are a fun way to increase intimacy while having fun together.
  4. Have some fun: Pull out some old board games or get some raunchy Adult Games, let your hair down and laugh together. 
  5. Play with your food: They say that the way to a mans heart is with food; we say that a way to a mans heart is both sex and food! Whip up some cream and finely dice some strawberries and use your body as a serving platter. There’s one thing that goes better with strawberries than cream, and that’s chocolate! Use our Sensuous Cointreau Body Chocolate to draw a road-map of pleasure for your partner to follow to find the treasure. 
  6. Spoil them: Bring home a bunch of flowers (yes, even for him), make their coffee the way they like it, give them a partial or full body Massage. Our Heavenly Nights Mini Massage Kit is perfect for relaxing and sensual massages. 
  7. Put the tech away: Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than giving your partner your 100% undivided attention. Being engaged when your partner talks to you communicates respect. Giving the gift of your undivided time and attention is worth more than anything that money can buy.   
  8. Remember the pillow talk: After your after sex cuddles, have a light discussion focused on what felt good. Affirm each other on the things that went well. Gently coach on the things that need correcting. This talk is centred on understanding each other’s needs and even exploring new areas like fantasies and positions you like. This is where you can also discuss the possibility of introducing Sex Toys into the bedroom if you haven't already. 
  9. Ban the peck: Remember to give your partner a smooch, even if you’re mad at them. Giving them an unexpected kiss as you walk past shows that regardless of what you’re going through together, you still love and care for them. Be sure to wear some Kiss O Boo Lip Balm so you're ready to tingle your partner's senses with every kiss!
  10. Take up a hobby or challenge together: It’s no secret that couples who play together, stay together. Take up a new hobby or challenge such as dancing, hiking or learn Karma Sutra. Check out our Karma Sutra Mini Book
  11. Read seductive stories together: Reading a steamy Novel or our Bedroom Fantasies is a great way to reconnect to each other and disconnect from screens.
  12. Lap Dances: Slip on some sexy Dance Stilettos and Sexy Lingerie and give your partner a sexy lap dance. See how long you can go before he (or she) is ready to rip your clothes off!

Healthy Relationships Take Effort

Healthy relationships don't just happen on their own, they take effort from both parties. It’s the little things that we do everyday that matter more than the larger, once in a while activities. Seek each other out and make these things less of a challenge, and more of a standard practice within your relationship and don’t forget, have fun!


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