Sex Challenges Part 1 - Sexynews #42

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One of the most inconvenient truths about long term relationships is that as much as you love your partner and you’re attracted to them, the same old, same old can become monotonous and well...boring. This is especially true when we are stuck staring at the same four walls in lockdown.

Since we can not currently go on holiday, experts agree that change is as good as a holiday and trying something new has been proven to keep the relationship alive, inside and outside of the bedroom.

When you try something new, you tend to see your partner in a fresh and new light. It feels like you're at the honeymoon phase of a new relationship and once you start trying something new, it’s easy to keep that creative inertia going. Here are some fun and exciting ways to ensure that your sex life is never dull. You can swap these up a little and do them in any order that suits your schedule, just make sure you do them!

Try These Sex Challenges

  1. Have sex while blindfolded. Make use of all your senses and have sex while Blindfolded. Relying on touch, taste and smell while having sex is a great way to reconnect with your partner and will give you a heightened sense of pleasure. 
  2. Watch an adult movie together: Put on an adult movie and see if you can match the moves without climaxing first! 
  3. Try out a dance pole: Show your partner your sexy moves, keep fit and have fun with a Power Pole Pro. This pole is perfect for beginners, intermediates and seasonal professionals as it is made with quality materials and craftsmanship that will produce a great experience. Don't forget to grab a pair of Dance Stilettos for an even sexier performance! 
  4. See how long you can kiss without having sex: See how long you can last without touching each other or taking each other's clothes off. Make sure you're fully prepared with our sensual Kiss O Boo Tingly Lip Balm!    
  5. Give anal sex a try: The days of boring sex routines are over. It's time to get a little taboo, starting with the absolute basics of anal play and anal sex. Anal sex does’t have to be scary or painful - you deserve to know how to make it even safer, more comfortable, and more pleasurable. Get yourself some good quality Lubricant and have a go.    
  6. Surprise toy fun: Randomly scroll through the Sexyland Fun For Couples website, close your eyes and click onto a toy and promptly use it with each other as soon as it’s delivered to your door! 
  7. Try out a sex swing: Defy the laws of gravity and enjoy new sex positions you never thought possible. The Whipsmart - Pleasure Swing will help you create a sex playground anywhere you desire. Sex swings allow you to move into a range of different positions both in the horizontal and vertical planes, strengthening and stretching virtually every muscle in the body. This is one challenge that you’ll want to do every day! 
  8. Roleplay: Search through your closet or purchase a sexy Costume For Her and a Costume For Him and play out your wildest fantasies! 
  9. Everything but intercourse: Use your hands or a Masturbator for him and a Vibrator for her, and get each other off without having sex at all!     
  10. Oral sex alarm clock: Agree to wake each other up with oral sex randomly throughout the week, but don’t tell each other what day it’s going to happen, so you start the day with a sweet surprise. Try some of the other snap, crackle and pop with our BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy
  11. Shower together: What more of an incentive do you need to save water than to have a shower together! Scrub each other all over with some sexy Shunga Bath and Shower Gel and then take your time drying each other off.  
  12. Do it anywhere other than the bedroom: A slight change of scenery can really spice things up. Trying new spaces and places also pushes you to try new positions, which can lead to new sensations and orgasms. Doing it in the car, or up on the car bonnet. The kitchen bench or dining table is always fun, and even the couch is perfect for doggy-style.  
  13. Look babe! No hands! Get your partner to Handcuff your hands behind your back and turn each other on using everything but your hands. Your hair, mouth and tongue are all great substitutes. 
  14. Spontaneous quickie: Grab your partner when they least expect it, kiss them passionately and have a quickie right there and then. The only rule, make it not the bedroom! 
  15. Try out bondage: There’s something sexy about submitting yourself or asserting yourself to someone whom you fully trust. Allowing them to discover their dark side within the safety of a relationship opens the door to all kinds of erotic possibilities. Have a look at our Bondage essentials to discover a whole world of fetish and pleasure. 
  16. Make up a sex position: This requires extensive research that is well worth the outcome. Research and of course try out whatever sex positions you possibly can and then invent your own that combines all your favourites that may very well become your absolute favourite. A Year of SEX! Karma Sutra Card Game might be a fun way to give you some exciting ideas!
  17. Spend the day naked together: The one where you are working from home side by side, watching TV or doing the housework...naked. Hold off on sex until the end of the day, tease your bodies by feasting your eyes on what you want but not being able to have it completely. When you actually get down to it, things will be hot and intense. Step it up a notch and throw in some Sexy Accessories. Ladies, wear a pair of Stilettos while in the buff and we’re sure your partner is going to be drooling by the end of the day!
  18. Sexy stopwatch: Can you make your partner climax within 2 minutes using nothing but your hands and mouth? Using the timer on your smartphone, set it to 2 minutes and do whatever you can to get your partner to climax. If they struggle to orgasm, simply tease and tantalise on a set time without a ‘goal’ as such, then swap places over and over, until one of you gives in to the urge to have sex.
  19. To the brink: Indulge yourselves in foreplay and sex in any and all positions you possibly can, see how long you can play without crossing the finishing line! This is one challenge that is bound to never get boring! Make it even more challenging by including some Couples Sex Toys!

Escape Your Comfort Zone!

Sometimes it can be safe and comfortable in the routine we know. It takes creative thinking and a conservative effort to push ourselves to try something new and get out of our comfort zone. Once you consciously decide to try something new and put it into action, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities and experiences that we may have otherwise missed out on. This is true in not only our sex lives, but in our overall relationships, social and professional lives and personal growth. So while we are in ISO, why not take the opportunity to challenge yourself to something new and exciting and there’s no better place to start than in the bedroom.


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