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After three long months of lockdown, a wet, dreary winter and endless hours of Netflix, restrictions are finally easing. The sun is warming the earth and the days are getting longer.

Time to Play Outdoors

Going out in the sunlight increases our production of serotonin, thus boosting our vitamin D and our mood. Happy people tend to be horny people. More energy and less lockdowns means meeting more people and more opportunities for sexual relations. Sex and masturbation makes your brain produce a number of hormones and neurochemicals that also help maintain good mental health. Pheromones and pollen are in the air and reproduction is all around, so you would be forgiven for hitting the trails to boost your ‘D’ intake.

Look Good, Feel Good

Socialising and sex are like riding a bike, you never really forget how to do it but after being in social isolation and forced celibacy for such an extended period of time, it’s easy to forget how to do it, but it soon comes back to you! While in lockdown, most of us have packed on the ‘covid kilos’ (I’m jealous of those of you who haven't, kudos to you!) Those who go to the hairdressers to hide the greys probably have a fair few more to hide when the hairdressers open up and there’s most likely going to be a hair removal cream shortage as the full restrictions are closer to easing.

Let’s face it, when we don’t look good, we don’t feel good. But looking good doesn’t mean perfect hair and body, it can start with something subtle such as wearing some sexy Lingerie or a fun new Outfit. Sex after lockdown can be daunting, so feeling better about yourself will help boost your confidence, leading to better sexual encounters. 

Rejuvenating for the Mood

While some of you may be fired up and raring to go as soon as you get the chance, it may take others some time to get back into the mood for some loving, regardless of if you are single or attached. The use of Sexual Libido And Stamina Enhancers may just be the boost you need to boost your libido and improve sexual enjoyment. On For Her Natural Arousal Oil will dramatically heighten a woman's arousal and get you ready to get back into the action. Have a look at our range for his and hers sexual enhancers for one that suits your needs best. 

Ready to Celebrate

Coming out of the captivity of winter and lockdown makes us feel like celebrating and letting our hair down, so to speak. Because we are free for the first time in a while, it might make us more willing to take risks and engage daring activities that you wouldn't ordinarily engage in. So you aren’t caught out unprepared, it’s important to be ready for any opportunity you could get to get some of the other vitamin D, this means having some Condoms at the ready, and some discreet Sex Toys that you can easily pack away into a bag. The Satisfyer Minis are a slim, discreet and waterproof mini vibrator with a smooth surface in velvety black. Its special design promises pure sensuality and is the ideal traveller.

Spring Clean for New Experiences

In the springtime we have a physical clean out of our homes and belongings but it’s also a great idea to have a mental cleanout to make way for positive changes, new ideas and new experiences. Being in ISO and watching the world go by has given us a new appreciation of what we most likely took for granted before and has given us plenty of time to reflect on what we would like to experience after further restrictions are lifted. This may mean enjoying the great outdoors more, trying different foods that weren’t readily available during the lockdown or opening up your sex life to new experiences such as some BDSM Fetish play or you may want to explore Anal sex. Our Ouch! Beginners Bondage Kit is perfect for beginners and experienced BDSM enthusiasts. The Colourful Camo-Sail Anal Kit is ideal for beginners and experienced alike, and is designed for intimate exploration and heightened orgasmic satisfaction. See our full line of NEW Sex Toys & Accessories for a perfect beginning to your spring cleaning!

In Closing

For many people lockdown has been relatively quiet and isolated. Easing back into shops, traffic, transport, and work might lead to sensory overload; feeling overwhelmed by sights, sounds or smells. Whenever possible, take things at your own pace, but try and challenge yourself to try something different each day or every couple of days. Celebrate small wins (and big wins) and try to keep a note of what you are achieving. Pace yourself out of lockdown and don’t feel pressured into catch ups without stopping to catch your breath! Remember to stay safe and follow the COVID-normal rules so we can all continue to enjoy our returning freedoms. We're all in this together!


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