New Year, New Pleasures: Exploring the Latest Trends in Sex Toys for 2024

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Just like any industry, the world of sex toys is always developing advanced technology to give people new ways to experience personal pleasure, incorporate sexual wellness into their self-care routines, and enhance intimacy with partners. Sexyland are always forging ahead and stocking innovative sex toys that haven’t picked up steam yet but are just waiting to be discovered and embraced as the latest in sex toy trends!

Discreet sex toys that are disguised as other things

There’s been a definite uptick in the number of discreet sex toy designs being made and bought, and honestly, it’s not a surprise as to why. With the sheer number of embarrassing stories out there about housemates, kids, friends and family, or even total strangers like airport security agents finding people’s sex toys, it’s really no wonder that the masses are calling for subtlety. At Sexyland, we’ve noticed two distinct categories: adult toys that have been deliberately disguised to look like everyday objects you could leave out to hide in plain sight, and adult toys with totally non-descript designs that don’t look like anything at all. Here are some of Sexyland’s favourites from both categories:

Sex toys disguised as everyday objects

The Emojibator Strawberry Clitoral Suction Vibrator

This adorable strawberry-shaped clitoral stimulator is the perfect sex toy for anyone who loves both contactless clitoral suction and direct vibration. The leafy green top is home to a hollow chamber that surrounds your clitoris with 8 sucking modes while the tapered tip lets you precisely apply the 8 vibration modes where you want them most! The waterproof silicone has a  ‘seeded’ texture finish so you can leave it on your bathroom counter after a shower or bath and pretend it’s a cute exfoliator for skincare purposes rather than a personal pleasure product if anyone notices it.

The Schag’s Self-Lubricating Beer Can Masturbators

These are some cold ones you’ll probably want to crack open on your own rather than with the boys 😉

These strokers are disguised as cans of beer and contain textured sleeves with 3 distinct pleasure chambers each for a variety of different sensations. The end of the cans have a Perfect-Flo™ suction valve with a built-in slider so you can control the suction intensity by covering or uncovering the air hole with it! The sleeve material is also self-lubricating when you add plain water so you can start stroking whenever the mood strikes…

Discreet sex toys with subtle designs

The Red Hot vibrating stimulator range

This collection of non-descript vibrators all boast non-anatomical designs that won’t arouse any suspicious should you leave them out and about around the house or in an open bag. They’re all made from silky-smooth silicone that’s waterproof for enjoying everywhere from under the sheets to under the waves, offering maximum versatility in a huge range of shapes to stimulate you how you want!

However, all of this is not to say that sex toys with realistic designs like dildos and masturbators are going anywhere — in fact, quite the contrary, which brings us to the next of 2024’s latest sex toy trends…

VR (virtual reality) & AI (artificial intelligence) sex toys

According to Pornhub’s 2023 statistics, people who identify as women only make up 36% of global visits to the site, and while this is a 1% increase from last year, it’s clear that the majority of people watching porn identify as men. As such, almost all of the AI- or VR-enhanced sex toys currently available on the market are aimed at people with penises, including:

The Kiiroo Interactive Masturbator range

If your imagination needs a break from working overtime, these smart masturbators are the answer. They’re app-compatible and can be synced in real-time to VR-compatible video performances of real adult film performers, and even live VR cam performers! There’s a growing number of porn stars and erotic performers who are lending their anatomies to their own toys to let their fans experience what it’s like to get up close and personal with them and treat them to a truly immersive experience. Alternatively, instead of scrolling through limited libraries of VR-compatible content, Kiiroo also offers paid subscriptions to AI services that can generate your preferred visual content and physical stimulation so you can see and feel exactly what you want!

The Autoblow A.I.+ WiFi-Enabled Blowjob Machine

For a lifelike oral sex-perience that’s sure to blow more than just your mind, you can’t go past the Autoblow A.I.+! This next-generation blowjob machine is a real-life example of the I Forced A Bot meme and is controlled by an artificial intelligence that has spent a thousand hours analysing the best blowjob videos in order to provide incredible sensations. It comes with 10 built-in stroking patterns in 10 speeds each that feel just like the real deal, or you can connect it to WiFi and download more blowjob experiences or even let a partner control the machine long-distance!

Sex toys designed to be used while showering

Showers are a great time to indulge yourself and treat yourself to some proper self-care since they’re private time and you have access to your whole body. As a result, masturbating in the shower is reasonably common, so it was only a matter of time before our sex toys started keeping up with our journeys from the bedroom to the bathroom! Of course, since bathrooms can be shared between multiple people living under the same roof, discretion is a must when it comes to shower toys, especially if you’re prone to leaving your sex toys lying around. Here are Sexyland’s top 2 picks for people with penises and people with vulvas that definitely won’t give away what a wet and wild time you’re having behind the steam…

The PDX Plus Shower Therapy Milk Me Honey Discreet Stroker

When it comes to innovative sex toys, this masturbator is the ultimate hide-and-seek champion and is disguised as a shampoo bottle to seamlessly blend in with all the standard products you’d find in a shower caddy or balanced on a bathtub ledge. The bottom of the bottle-shaped case unscrews so you can access the realistically sculpted vaginal sleeve inside and the flip-top cap lets you adjust the suction intensity while still keeping up the disguise. It also comes with a suction cup mount so you can stick it to the shower wall and enjoy yourself hands-free — just remember to put it all back together and nestle it amongst your bathing toiletries again when the fun is done! 

The Womanizer Wave Water Massage Clitoral Stimulation Shower Head

This shower head really does everything you could want from a shower-based sexual wellness experience, and best of all, it hides in plain sight while doing it. Rainforest mist-style showering? Ergonomic one-handed design? Check. A pair of pleasure settings for intense clitoral orgasms? Check and check!

We even have our own in-depth review of the Womanizer Wave (courtesy of Sexyland’s own Nora Jo) for all the details on how this personal pleasure product stacks up against other adjustable shower heads!

Ready for your sneak peek into new pleasures this new year? We sure are! Come shop in-person at Sexyland’s adult stores or jump online and enjoy 2-hour delivery on selected bestsellers to satisfy your cravings and start your new year with a bang to remember…


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