I Dream of Steamy — We Got Wet & Wild With the New Womanizer Wave!

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I Dream of Steamy — We Got Wet & Wild With the New Womanizer Wave!

The brand new Womanizer Wave shower head has been, well, making waves all over social media, and how could it not be? It’s the world’s first 2-in-1 shower head and pleasure device — it’s no wonder the world is excited! I wondered if I could convince my boss to let little old Nora Jo have one to review and write about, for work purposes of course. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it, right? 😌

Luckily for me and you, they agreed, and now you get the inside scoop on what using the Womanizer Wave is really like, from start to (explosive) finish!

What are the benefits of masturbating in the shower?

To preface this, I must first admit that I’m no novice when it comes to using shower heads for more than just showering. The first apartment I ever moved into after leaving my parents’ place was cursed with thin walls between my bedroom and my housemate’s ensuite, but the second bathroom/laundry was equipped with an adjustable shower head that had its own variety of jet settings and a hose attachment, so I quickly became acquainted with getting off while getting clean. It was clunky and difficult to adjust, even with both hands, but it got the job done.

At first, I thought using my shower head like this would always be a weird little secret, but statistics show that 60% of women masturbate in the shower or bathtub, and 41% of vulva owners remember using water for their first masturbation experiences. Not so weird after all it seems! And y’know what, getting down and dirty in the shower makes a lot of sense:

  • Bathrooms are the most private place in the house (often the only room with a lockable door), perfect if you’ve got curious kids or housemates
  • The running water masks any salacious pleasure noises with innocent plumbing sounds
  • You’re already naked, meaning you have easy access to your whole body
  • Steam + heat create a warm and relaxing environment, making it easier to orgasm
  • After the fun is done, you get the easiest cleanup ever — none!

I also went toy-less during a 6-week Europe trip I took pre-Covid since I knew I’d be sharing some pretty tight accommodation with my travel buddy and didn’t want to make things awkward, either via noise, him catching sight of my stowaway companions, or worse, getting held up by a buzzing bag at airport security. Thank goodness Europe seems to favour the adjustable shower head as standard since almost every place we stayed in had one (special mention goes to our Airbnb in Prague that had a bathtub with jets).

Safe to say, ya girl knows her way around an adjustable shower head, so believe me when I tell you the Womanizer Wave really changed the game. This shower head solved all the qualms I knew I had with traditional shower heads, and threw in some extra perks I didn’t even realise I was missing! The German engineering geniuses at the premium bathroom brand hansgrohe really nailed it, and frankly, Womanizer nailed the concept too. While there’s no shortage of waterproof adult toys out there, the Womanizer Wave cuts out the middleman — why bring a sex toy into the shower when your shower is the sex toy?

Understanding the key design features of the Womanizer Wave

Before we get to usage, let’s talk about what makes the Womanizer Wave a serious cut above an ordinary shower head.

My old shower head had a cumbersome twist-dial mechanic where you had to turn a ring around the entire head to change between the 3 jet types, and in an absolutely brilliant (not) design move, there was no definitive ‘switching’ between settings. You had to turn the ring within mere degrees of precision or you’d end up between two settings, giving you the worst of both worlds 🙄

The ring had these built-in ‘grip’ ridges that were too small to offer any real support while turning the dial and required both hands to operate, one hand holding the neck, the other twisting the ring. I have small hands so using the dial was quite awkward and uncomfortable for me, especially during play.

The 3 jet settings also weren’t anything to write home about. There was the standard showering setting around the edges of the head for good coverage, the central streams that never achieved more than a pathetic dribble in strength (even with the pressure cranked to max), and a high-powered jet that I swear could take the paint off a house. Yikes.

On the Womanizer Wave shower head, you can cycle through the 3 jet settings (PowderRain, PleasureWhirl, and PleasureJet) with the big square Easy Switch button, which I found easy to hit with my thumb while holding the shower head’s neck in the rest of my hand. You tap the button and the shower head moves to the next setting; it’s so simple, it’s genius.

There’s also a stepless slider on the Wave head’s neck that adjusts the water pressure strength without you having to fiddle with the main tap. I love that this shower head is ergonomic and can be used entirely one-handed since it leaves your other hand free for soaping yourself up, playing with yourself, or a partner’s erogenous zones if you’re showering together — sharing is caring after all!

Best of all, this shower head has a discreet design so nobody will ever suspect it’s anything but an ordinary shower head. Sex toys for women (or really, anybody) don’t get much more discreet than that — Sexyland sells the Womanizer Wave in the stylish chrome colour, which happens to match my original bathroom fittings so it even blends in perfectly!

How to install the Womanizer Wave shower head

My existing shower head already had a hose so since the Womanizer Wave is universally compatible with all standard shower attachments, I figured everything would just fit into place with no fumbling and no fuss.

Honestly, the installation was the part I was most worried about. One of my small, daily shames is a narrow storage cart I bought from IKEA for a tight spot in my bathroom, which I assembled with the wheels misaligned so it doesn’t actually roll in the direction I need it to. Thankfully, I never have to move it, but I’ll always know that I built it wrong, and so, I was dreading that I’d somehow mess up the supposedly ‘easy’ installation of the Womanizer Wave.

Turns out I was worried about nothing and installation really was a piece of cake. I unscrewed my original shower head and sieve seal, put the Wave’s sieve seal with the rounded side inside the Wave’s neck, and then screwed the Wave head onto my hose, and that’s it! If I can do it, anybody can, no plumber required.

Exploring the Womanizer Wave shower head’s intensity settings

Since the Womanizer Wave is a 2-in-1 shower head and clitoral massager, I figured the best test for it would be my full head-to-toe hair wash and body care routine. Here were my experiences with each setting:


This is the fine mist spray setting for everyday showering and wow, talk about luxury! It felt like a delicate waterfall and reminded me of a premium hot springs spa experience. I had read in other reviews that people with thick hair found the PowderRain setting a bit weak for hair-washing, and I’ll admit that I did notice the water pressure was gentler than what I was used to at my main tap’s normal pressure level. I suspect this has something to do with the Womanizer Wave’s EcoSmart technology, which uses 60% less water than traditional shower heads, but it wasn’t an issue for me. I just increased my main tap’s pressure a little bit and made sure the intensity slider on the Womanizer Wave head was at max, and my medium-thickness hair washed like normal.


While I was waiting for my conditioner to sink in, I decided to give the PleasureWhirl a whirl. I first lowered the temperature and adjusted the intensity slider to the middle of the bar, then tapped the Easy Switch button once to move from PowderRain to the PleasureWhirl setting. This setting weaves the water in a tight trio of soft streams that twist around each other in a circular motion, hitting the sweet spots around the clitoris and vulva. This was my favourite pleasure setting because the varied ‘pulse’ sensation felt completely new to me and delivered the perfect combination of indirect and direct stimulation. I thought I knew what was coming, having had countless shower head-induced orgasms over the last decade, but the PleasureWhirl brought on a knee-quaking climax that had me clutching at the tiles in a way I haven’t done for years! Truth be told, I’m still reeling from how good it felt, even as I write this.


This setting is the most intense, providing a concentrated jet of water for direct stimulation if you prefer powerful sensations. It’s the most similar to the only ‘pleasure’ setting my old shower head had, but honestly, I never liked that it was the only setting it had I could get off with. I always thought the jet was too strong, like aiming a pressure washer at the most sensitive part of my body, but until the PleasureWhirl, I didn’t know what else was possible. The PleasureJet setting wasn’t as pressure washer-y as my old shower head and felt a lot nicer, but I still found that I preferred the PleasureJet setting best for targeted, pounding water massage around my body’s usual sore-spot suspects like shoulders, back, legs, and glutes.

For those of you who like really strong clitoral stimulation, this setting will have you blasting off in no time. You’ll also really appreciate that the next setting after this one is PowderRain, perfect for gently bringing you back down to Earth after a wicked orgasm! I have a feeling the Womanizer and hansgrohe team really thought about that one… 😉

Are there any tips or techniques for using the Womanizer Wave effectively?

My advice for getting the best experience with the Womanizer Wave shower head is the same as using any sex toy, whether you’re a beginner or you’re a seasoned user who’s trying it for the first time: start on the lowest setting and work your way up from there so you don’t overwhelm your sensitive spots. Before switching to the PleasureWhirl and PleasureJet settings, lower the temperature and pressure of your shower — you can always turn them up later but you can’t unburn yourself, so safety first! For the Pleasure settings, I’d also recommend aiming the shower head away from your genitals to start with so you can test the temperature and intensity somewhere less sensitive.

Wanna find out if it’s really better down where it’s wetter? The Womanizer Wave shower head is available to buy in-store at Sexyland’s adult stores, or you can shop online and get free express delivery!

Now get out there and make some waves.



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