A Guide for Couples Sex Toys: Enhancing Your Relationship in the New Year

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The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to take stock of how things are currently going in any and all aspects of your life, including intimate relationships. You don’t necessarily have to establish any New Year's resolutions, but there’s always room for relationship enhancement, both in and beyond the bedroom. If you’re not sure where to start, couples sex toys are a fun and beginner-friendly path for building intimacy, communication, and trust through play! And you don’t have to do it alone either — you and your partner can always consult the Sexyland Fun Specialists for help with navigating the world of sex toys for couples. We’ll help you find your perfect match so you can get to bonding and new bedroom bliss…

Tips & Tricks for Couples to Incorporate Toys Into Your Intimate Life

  1. The key to bonding through exploration and experimentation with pleasure toys is consent. Safety and comfort is paramount to ensuring a positive experience for both partners, so start by discussing what you do and don’t want.
  2. Consider what stimulation types you’re curious about (vibration, warming, rotating beads, etc.), what areas of the body you want to focus on (nipples, clitoris, prostate, and so on), and how you want your partner to be involved.
  3. Establish what your desires and limits are, then find common ground to explore together.
  4. If you’re comfortable doing so, you can also discuss past experiences you did and didn’t enjoy, and why you felt that way about those experiences.
  5. It’s normal to find conversations about sex challenging, but don’t be afraid to be open and vulnerable with each other — this will naturally encourage closeness and build the trust you both deserve to move forward on your journey together!

How couples can choose the right sex toy that suits both partners

If you’re both beginners in the world of couples’ sex toys, the two of you should familiarise yourself with the options as a team. It’s also worth keeping in mind that there is no single sex toy that is perfect for everyone or every couple. Instead, you should follow the mutual curiosity you established when discussing your desires together and choose a toy (or several) that sparks excitement in you both. Think about what your answers were to the second point in the section above and go from there. Sex toys that are marketed specifically for couples to use are a great place to start, but even toys intended for solo use can be fun — just let your partner control the toy for you!

What are some beginner-friendly sex toys for couples available at Sexyland?

The best couples sex toy where at least one person has a penis

The Fleshlight® Quickshot™ Vantage Open-Ended Masturbator

This unique masturbator has a compact, open-ended design that’s suitable for solo stroking or oral sex with a partner, with Person A thrusting their penis through the toy’s openings and Person B using their mouth to tend to the head of Person A’s penis on the other end. Person B can also be in control of stroking the Quickshot Vantage up and down their partner’s length — just remember to add plenty of water-based lubricant for a slick, smooth ride!

If one or both of you are a fan of Riley Reid, you can even get a special Riley Reid version of the Quickshot with her vaginal and anal openings at either end and enjoy a threesome with this uber-popular porn starlet!

The best couples sex toy where at least one person has a vulva

The Lovense Ferri Bluetooth Panty Vibrator

For women and people with vulvas who prefer outercourse and non-penetrative pleasure toys, external sensations are key, and the clitoris is the pinnacle of external pleasure! A panty vibrator is a great beginner-friendly sex toy since it doesn’t involve penetration and also doesn’t require the user to be naked if they prefer to play while clothed. They’re also perfect for getting a partner involved too since they’re always remote-controllable and/or app-compatible for the wearer or their lover to take charge! The app-compatible Lovense Ferri has a magnetic clip that holds the vibrator in place inside your underwear, no matter what you’re doing or what position you’re in. The compact shape is comfortable to wear while the whisper-quiet vibrations mean you can play discreetly, even in public if you decide to take your intimate exploration beyond the bedroom...

The best adult toy for mixed-sex couples

The We-Vibe® Sync™ Lite App-Compatible Couples Vibrator

Some toys such as rabbit vibrators offer dual stimulation of a vulva-owner’s clitoris and G-spot simultaneously, which feels great for the user but sometimes fills the vaginal canal and leaves out a penis-having partner. Dual vibrators like We-Vibe’s Sync are specifically designed for a mixed-gender couple to use together thanks to their ergonomically designed C-shaped design. The external head rests on the wearer’s clitoris and the insertable head sits on the G-spot — the G-spot head has a flat underside that leaves room for a penetrating partner to insert themselves so both people can enjoy the Sync Lite's 10 thrilling built-in vibration patterns! For hands-free convenience and extra fun, this toy also has more capabilities via the app like long-distance play and custom vibration modes!

The best gender-neutral couples sex toy

The Neon Vibes® Pleasure Vibe Waterproof Silicone Finger Vibrator

No matter what body type you have, everyone has erogenous zones that feel good when stimulated just right by someone you trust. A finger vibrator is a beginner-friendly sex toy option that doesn’t need to involve penetration and can be used on anyone, by anyone. This one from CalExotics’® Neon Vibes range slips over your finger and follows its natural curve, allowing you to direct the vibrations as easily as tracing your finger over the area you want to stimulate. There are 10 vibration modes to explore and once the fun is done, the waterproof, rechargeable design is easy to clean and charge so your finger vibrator is ready to go for next time!

Ready to take bonding through intimate play to a new level? Sexyland’s Fun Specialists are always here to offer tailored advice on safe sex practices, how to choose the right sex toys that suit both partners, and more. Visit us at one of Sexyland’s adult stores, or shop sex toys online and enjoy 2hr Delivery on bestselling toys for solo or partnered play!


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