Do Not Pass Oh - Sexy Games to Spice it Up!

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Do Not Pass Oh - Sexy Games to Spice it Up!

Whether you’re looking for some casual drinking games to spice up an adult birthday party or kinky sex games to improve intimacy with your partner, these fun adult games are sure to get you excited to deal some cards and shake some dice, perfect for playing naughty or nice… 😉

Adult Party Drinking Games, Card Games & Board Games

Bender Sender Drinking Card Game

Kick off your next gathering with gusto thanks to this easy and casual card game! Players take turns drawing a card and follow what’s written on it, depending on what category it’s from. There are Truth or Drink questions, Dare or Drink challenges, Have You? prompts, Categories, Ballot prompts where you single out the friend most likely to be guilty of what’s written on the card, Swig prompts that can get a whole bunch of you raising your glasses, and of course, Send It cards to really get the party started!

Truth Or Drink® Card Game By Cut - Sin Expansion Pack

Wanna skip over the small talk at your next party? This adult card game is an expansion pack to the base Truth or Drink game from Cut’s hit YouTube video series (with 2 billion views and counting!), though it can also be enjoyed on its own. The game has 252 questions themed around the Seven Deadly Sins of Wrath, Gluttony, Greed, Pride, Envy, Sloth, and of course, Lust! Each card has two questions on it, then the person who drew it nominates one other player to answer one question on the card. The nominated answerer can either divulge the details of their sinful behaviour, or wash the truth down with a good stiff drink. Since the questions are open-ended and require more than just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response, the answers are guaranteed to be juicy, and there’s also no chance of outing yourself if you choose to take a drink instead of answering either!

Cooked Aussies Drinking Card Game

This easy-to-play game is packed full of Aussie humour that’s sure to have you all cackling like kookaburras while you get on the beers! There are 300 unique Rule, Vote, Drink If…, and Categories cards to drink through, and every card lays out its instructions and penalty drinks so it’s super-simple to get started with this game, even if you’re already a bit cooked.

Sex Games To Play With Your Spouse/Partner

OSG: Our Sex Game Board Game

Plenty of the erotic games for couples are designed with heterosexual pairings in mind, but this 2-player game is the world’s first gender-neutral erotic board game for couples of all kinds. Both players write down a secret sexual fantasy at the start of the game, which becomes the prize for the winner at the end! The game board spells out the word ‘sex’, and as you progress across each letter, there are special OSG cards to pick up with scenarios and actions to perform that get more and more racy, resulting in a different sex-perience every time you play. Our Sex Game encourages everything from stimulating conversation to erotic experimentation that leaves nothing untouched and builds to an explosive climax!

Nookii Erotic Card Game

This Sexyland bestseller is one of our most popular adult card games, perfect for playful couples who are looking to spice up a night in together! It has you moving around each other’s bodies rather than a board and offers plenty of sexually enticing incentives across 3 levels of sexual intensity. In this adult game, you’ll be rolling dice to see which increasingly intimate acts you’ll be performing, with a time limit to keep you on your toes and keep the teasing to just the right amount to build the tension!

Fifty Shades of Play Adult Card Game

Ready to experiment with kink? This erotic couples’ game is inspired by the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon and introduces all sorts of saucy sex-capades to your bedroom fun! It’s one of the best sex games to get kinky with your partner or spouse, whether you’re a BDSM beginner or expert. It comes with 10 secret envelopes for each of the 5 levels of gameplay, packed with sexy surprises, seductive suggestions, and steamy scenarios that you’re sure to enjoy acting out together…

Weekend In Bed™ II Tie Me Up Game Kit

Want something that comes with the whole kit and caboodle? This adult game’s another bedroom favourite among Sexyland customers and a great way to bring light bondage and sensation play behind closed doors. It comes with several decks of cards to inspire your indulgence, including 10 suggestion cards, 10 illustrated how-to bondage position cards, and 20 cards that give you ideas on how to play with all the accessories! Speaking of which, this Weekend In Bed Kit comes with feathery nipple clamps, 3 red satin ties, self-sticking bondage tape, a massage oil candle, and a discreet satin travel bag to pack it all up in, either for safe storage or taking on all your adventures!


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